Sneaky Susan

We were in bed, in each others arms, and I thought he was asleep.

"I have a confession to make." I say then I stop. I listen to his steady breathing. Then I continue.

"One time a few years ago I wrote some on line stories under the name Ben T. Strait. Funny, huh? As in bent straight? Get it?" I say. I listen to the steady breathing.

"Just checking, OK back to my confession." I say.

"I really do make up pen names like that, but I never used that one. I used one named Miss Quarters, a very proper young lady. She wrote about childhood adventures that occurred while she walked in her neighborhood. I also wrote one story about her as a grown up. Miss Q, as I sometimes called her, fell in love with a married man. Not a very proper thing to do, but she fell hopelessly in love. " I said. I continued on for a few minutes, the story getting more lewd. I tilted my head up and watched him sleep, more exactly, watched him breath.

"I've never spoken these words out loud. " I started, then my voice became barely a whisper,

"I want you to know why..." my voice trailed off to unintelligible sounds. That was when he turned and opened his eyes. Oh how I loved when he looked intensely in my eyes. He was definitely eye candy in my book. But now he was turning and I had to move and he asked.

"I couldn't hear you, what were you about to say?" he asked.

"I thought..., you were supposed to be sleeping." I stammered out slowly.

"Keep talking." he said. I couldn't, I could have given him a thousand reasons why, but I couldn't so I leaned forward and started to kiss him. Not a chaste or gentle kiss, but a passionate kiss full of wandering hands and little bites. He pushed me back, about to say something, but I pinned him back down and straddled him. I took off my cami and dangled it over the bed for a couple of seconds before dropping it. Then I leaned back down and stretched out on top of him.

"Cat got your tongue?" I asked. It was hours before we spoke again.