So blind and awfully confused

Lying on the floor in my room

Breathing in the smoke, abused

Wondering if our love will bloom

So down and somehow amused

An effect to a cause that is you

Your scent clings to my memory

Intoxicating, as fresh as you

Still living your foreign glory

You knock on my bedroom door, your cue

No, this isn't a love story

Just lying on the floor—thoughts of you

If I could sew you to my sheets

Convince you that you're my everything

I'd make you forget your past cheats

And just for the night, let me cling

Stay close and hope this night repeats

All my attempts are shot to hell with you

Screams erupt from mindless chatter

So go to hell and take my heart with you

Everything begins to shatter

Clatter, clank, and smash. Everything askew

I hope you know you don't matter

With a passport to hell and all is well

I'll see you off for old times sake

I'll miss you even as I say, "Farewell"

Forgetting the previous break

And as you slowly move away, I dwell

On past tense and tension I'd take

But I'm doing just fine, I'm doing swell

And I'll head back home

With a heavy heart and a lie

To lie all alone

And wish I never said goodbye

But I should've known

Wish you'd knock on my door, your cue

But I know that won't happen anymore

Lying on the floor—thoughts of you

Hear a knock on my bedroom door; it's you

With a needle and thread

I dragged you to my bed

And sewed you to my sheets

Convinced you you're my everything

Made you forget past cheats

Just for the night, you let me cling

Stay close and let's repeat