Is Oxymar the only planet with intelligent life in the whole universe? Well, the very well-funded government program of radar searching has as only purpose to find the answer.

—Director! —One of the technicians was reporting to his superior a very interesting sign —you need to come and hear this!

—What happened?

—A potential sign of intelligent life!

The director went to the radar hall, where all the communication systems were ready to analyze and amplify the so called sign, and then, everybody hear that mysterious sound: a strange, incoherent and primitive…music.

—"…Po-po-po-po-poker face, po-po-po-poker face…"

—Well, it kind of sounds like something important —the director said —but sadly, this is not any sign of intelligent life: keep the research boys, and next time, call me when you have found something REALLY important…


NOTE: Just for fun: I actually like the song XD