Miranda's Adventure 2


2 Years ago, Miranda Maynard was the hero of Argos. She, along with Expert Archer, Erika Avery, and robot friend, Kandy Potter, became what was known as the Trio of Argos!

After the defeat of Meiko, a sorceress who killed Sara Maynard, Miranda's sister, the trio went their separate ways…

But fate brought them back again!

"A tournament?" Emily asked, "How did you get to be in the tournament?"

Miranda responded, "I don't know. Besides, this tournament is to determine the greatest hero in Argos. Since I am the only hero here (with the exception of Erika & Kandy), I can't lose!"

She laughed heartily as Emily looked on and thought aloud, "She sure is so heroic sometimes."

Miranda Maynard & her daughter embark on a very shocking adventure… as Miranda competes to be the best!

Old friends meet…



They started to growl at each other, but stopped after realizing whom they ran into.



New friends, as well…

"There you two are!" Nick Haskett said, "I was worried about you."

"Oh… uh, hey, Nick." Erika stuttered in a blushed look.

Miranda was surprised to see him.

"Nice to see you," she remarked.

"OH!" Nick shouted, seeing Miranda for the first time, "You must be the Miranda Maynard that Erika told me about!"

"Oh, I see my namesake has not been forgotten for 2 years," Miranda noted in a self-satisfied look.

"Don't be so arrogant, Miranda," Erika snapped.

Rivals meet, along the way!

"Are you kidding me? Is that for real?" Haruna Hiyashi questioned.

"Oh, we haven't met, uh, Haruna, right?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"My name is Miranda May--."

"Shut it! I know who you are. I don't care about that."

"Look, I was just being polite! There's no need to be rude in front of my daughter!"

"Oh, really? Then I look forward to embarrassing you!"

Michal Stansford stepped in the way.

"Please, Haruna, don't make a scene," he said, "The tournament will start real soon."

"Oh, uh, thank you," Miranda said as she blushed.

And the battles they endure…

Mayu Nagase said nothing and charged at Miranda. She lashed her katana on Miranda and struck her a bit. Miranda started to bleed a little from the cut, which was not too deep.

"OW! That hurts!" She shouted.

Miranda charged at Mayu, but she dodged out of the way by disappearing in smoke. Miranda crashed face first into a wall. Miranda staggers down and tried again. She found Mayu, who was behind her, and started to get angry. She charged at her again, but she played a trick again. She disappeared in the smoke and Miranda crashed again.

"Damn it! I cannot get to her!" She thought.

"Miranda! This girl is a ninja! Of course you cannot hit her!" Nick called out.

"Really?" Miranda thought, "So, she's using Ninjitsu."

The tournament begins… with a very shocking twist!

"You… You're joking!" Haruna cried, "… … … … Are you?"

Miranda Maynard…

"It's okay," Miranda proclaimed, "So, I hear you're a descendant of Desmond Stansford, right?"

"Uh… yes…" He said in a panicky voice, "He's my father; a great hero. How about you?"

"Me?" Miranda said, "Well… I never have been known to meet my father face-to-face. I hope one day I'll meet him personally."

Erika Avery…

She began to turn red. Nick smiled and said, "Erika, you'll be alright."

"Admit it!" Miranda pointed at her, "You have found love at a young age."

Erika shouted, "DON'T MAKE ANY IDEAS!!! DAMN IT!!!"

They all grow silent as Erika calmed herself down.

Kandy Potter…

"Hello, Miss Miranda. It's been so long."

"Kandy, it's good to see you again," she said, "So you're in this, too?"

"Yes," Kandy answered, "But I didn't come alone."

Emily Maynard…

"What? But Miss Emily, this is your big moment!" Kandy pleaded.

"I understand, Miss Kandy, but I refuse to… not yet, at least. After what I've been through, I don't think I want to train at a very young age."

Miranda muttered to herself, "She is so grounded…"

Miranda's Adventure 2
**The Sequel to the EPIC adventure, created by Miz-KTakase***

"So, train hard and let's hope we can have fun. Now… let the games begin!" Said ???? (The Antagonist)


May 2010