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The Orphan and the Prince

"You will rule this land one day, son, and you will watch it thrive under your ruling hand, as I have, and as your forefathers have. I have faith in you, Gregory, as would your mother, were she here," Gregory looked up to his father; he really did, but sometimes wondered if Kingship was his place in life. He wanted to travel, and have adventures, not sign documents and speak with boring people all day long. He wanted to see more of the land, ocean and sky, and instead of ruling it, be ruled by it. He wanted to be governed by the stars, and controlled by the oceans. It was his one wish, and the one thing he could never have.

Were his mother still alive, he had no doubt he could have traveled. But since his mother died, his father had become more and more paranoid, and didn't want Gregory going anywhere, in case of assassins. Gregory, at his young age of twelve, found this ridiculous, mainly because he did not know better.

If he had known better, then maybe he would have stayed at the palace, and grown up to be a man, only wishing, never doing. But he didn't know better, so it was that the night his father patted him on the shoulder and called him 'son' that Prince Gregory Mann ran away, and never turned back


"Urika, quickly, the calf is getting away!" Urika sprinted to the gate, and hauled it closed just as the baby cow ran into it. The gate flew from her hands, and she fell onto her stomach, briefly winded. But she jumped up again and ran after the calf, leaping on it and wrestling it to the ground. It wasn't hard as it was only a calf, but it still gave a good fight, scrawny little thing that it was. Juliet, the other maid, ran up,

"Oh, Urika, you're a mess! Look at your shorts!" Urika looked down, and saw the knees of her shorts were torn, and blood seeped through scrapes on her knees. Her hands were grazed, and her bare feet were dirty. She grinned and looked back from the ground up at Juliet, who wore a maids dress and shoes,

"So I am. It's alright, I'll go clean up after I get this one back into its paddock," she pulled the calf up with her and set off, Juliet following behind her,

"That was some feat you did back there. Wrestling a cow, that's not a woman's job, but you do it mighty well," Urika grinned,

"Practice, Jule. You should get outta them skirts and try it one day, hey?" Juliet looked horrified,

"Me? Oh, no, I couldn't!" Urika laughed,

"Just kidding, Jule, I know you hate getting dirty. Speaking of, I gotta go clean up to make dinner. Gotta earn my keep," with those words she ran off, her bare feet kicking up the dirt.


Gregory didn't really know where he was going, as it was dark and moonless, and the stars were covered by nasty looking clouds that screamed rain. He hoped fervently that it didn't rain, but even as he stumbled along the dusty road, a drop fell on his head, and soon enough he was slipping on the mud and soaked to the skin. Flicking the water from his eyes, he spotted a patch of black different from the rest. It was square and looked…formal, like a building…a barn, possibly. He headed towards it, hoping he was right, and felt a wave of relief pass through him as he saw the huge doors of a barn. Hefting his bag higher onto his shoulder he made his way across the muddy ground until he reached the barn. Testing the door, he realized it was unlocked and thanked his lucky stars, before pushing one open and slipping inside.

As he dropped his bag, he looked around at the inhabitants of the barn. Two sheep gazed at him blearily, and one bleated lazily before returning to its sleep. A cow looked at him with doughy eyes, and a horse snorted as it woke briefly. Suddenly, something twined around his legs, and he leapt backwards before realizing it was only a black haired cat. His flailing arm struck something, and suddenly he was surrounded by clucking chickens. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw a metal gate swinging, and two more chickens emerging from the hutch he had opened. Thinking fast, he began to recapture them; he knelt down, and picked up a slow moving hen, and placed her back in the pen, closing the door. Within minutes, he had recaptured nearly all of them, and only one remained; a cocky rooster who strutted around the door.

Gregory crept towards it, but as he leapt, the barn door swung open, and he slid out the door and past a girl of about his age. She gave a cry of shock, and leapt backwards, just as he threw himself past her. Her long black hair swung behind her as she spun, following his movement. As he came to a stop, he let go a pent up breath, and found he could not draw another just yet; he was too winded. He rolled over, curling slightly as his ribs began to ache, and suddenly she was standing over him, her hands on her hips,

"Who the blazes are you?"

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