To my Readers,

Well, first off, I think I should apologise. It's been too long, and I've no doubt that you have already figured out that this story is not being continued. Well, not on Fictionpress, anyway. I am re-writing The Orphan and the Prince, revising it and adapting it to make it better. Maybe I should tell you why I haven't updated.

For the past couple of months, I've lost my inspiration. That little bubble of emotion that keeps me writing … well it popped. It was gone, and it was replaced by a short attention span, a spurt of random writing crazes, and an overall boredom. I was bored of this story. I read somewhere, once, that when you are bored with your writing, your readers will be bored with their reading. I took that as a subtle hint to find my inspiration again, before I began writing.

Well, I found it. Just recently, I decided on a dedication. This story will be dedicated to my friends, The Rejects, who shaped me and defined me, and made it possible for me to overcome this boredom. Only one of them reads this, and I don't know how long it will take her to see this, but when she does, I hope she knows that she was one of the people who helped me along in my mission to overcome my disposition on TOATP.

And so were you, Readers. Not a day went by when I didn't think "Maybe I should write just one chapter. For them." But then I realized; you don't write for other people, you write for yourself. Words written for you will always be better than words written for someone else. I didn't want to bore you, and I didn't want to write just pretty words on the page. So, I decided to wait out the storm. And it has finally passed.

I'm sorry. I don't know when – or if – the next update will come. I'm just going to hold onto this inspiration, and see where it leads me. The Rejects helped me stand when I didn't feel like even crawling. Their never-ending support [in their own strange ways] helped me find this inspiration, and by dedicating this story to them, maybe I can begin to repay them for that. I just hope that you Readers can understand and forgive me for my absence, and have faith that I will – eventually – finish this. After all, I made a resolution to myself to finish this story.

And I don't break my promises.

Thank you, Reader, for reading this. You may think I am just another wannabe author on a website full of them, and who knows? Maybe I am. But one way or another, I will finish this story. And you will find out what has become of our Hero and Heroine. :]

Yours Sincerely,