Wolf And Red: Monster Hunters


Akira watched in a certain degree of horror as Red graphically threatened a politician with a huge knife.

"I do not GIVE a rat's ass about your dog," Red said flatly as they nearly chucked him into the police van, "now get in there, or we'll leave you to the zombies."

"You wouldn't dare," an older woman sputtered.

"I REALLY wouldn't suggest trying that," Akira said quickly, having seen the women be ruthless when needed.

Thankfully no one else argued with them and they got the folks inside. "Well, that was fun," Wolf grinned at Akira.

"No. No, it wasn't," Akira said as they headed off from the residence.

Shiro had called them in to rescue a group of politicians trapped by the zombies. In theory it should have been simple, but they lacked heavy weapons or enough people. So Wolf and Red had deliberately led the attacking zombies off, then returned to help Akira with the evacuation.

"They TOTALLY could have called the cops in for this," Red complained fairly mildly as she and Wolf rode up front. She was pretty much perched in Wolf's lap, which was unsafe, but better than being in back with the VIPs.

"The police are overwhelmed," Akira was too tired to argue, so she just said it.

"Besides, more money for us," Wolf added with a shrug.

"Yeah," Red conceded tiredly.

Wolf looked over at Akira and asked, "Can you call up Shiro? I wanna know if things are settling down. Not to mention if he still wants our cargo at police headquarters."

"Right," Akira dialed his private number. Any attempt to get through via the police switchboard was doomed to fail, at this point.

"Yes?" Shiro snapped over the line. He sounded harried and tired, neither of which were that surprising, but were unusual reactions for the normally steady officer.

"Sir, we've got the politicians safe," Akira reported.

Shiro sighed quietly in relief. "Thank goodness. Were things as difficult as you expected?" he asked them.

"Not so bad," Akira admitted. "These things appear to be dumb, if aggressive."

"The zombies too," Red teased.

Shiro snorted softly.

Akira prayed no one in back had heard that crack. "Where do we bring our passengers, sir?" she asked respectfully.

"Police headquarters," Shiro said promptly, "we've got an area we've cleared there."

"How's the situation in the city?" Wolf had to ask.

"Chaotic, but we're getting a handle on it. I'll fill you in once you get here," Shiro said a bit distractedly. Obviously something else had come up.

"We'll be there soon," Akira said before he hung up.

Red sighed softly as she leaned tiredly against Wolf. "Wanna bet he has more jobs for us once we get there?" she mused aloud.

"Yeah, that's pretty certain," Wolf agreed.

The streets were an odd mix of people carrying on as usual, and the occassional zombie mob chasing folks. Mixed with police blockades checking folks over and using tasers on the apparently possessed. And sometimes nailing stoners and druggies instead.

"Why the hell aren't people staying in doors?" Red demanded.

"Because no one believes the news reports and announcements?" Wolf shrugged. "You have to admit, no matter how the pitch it it'd be a hard sell."

"True," Akira conceded.

They made it back to the police headquarters, where things were chaotic. There were police and Japan Self Defense Force troops running around, civilians, politicians and so on. And no feeling of anyone really in charge.

"All right, everyone out," Red briskly ordered as she opened the back doors and let the four VIPS out.

The three older men and women were quite grumbly about their treatment, and quickly stalked off. The younger man, however, gave them a apologetic nod and said, "Thank you very much. I'm not sure what would have happened, if you hadn't come for us."

Akira bowed slightly, "We were honoured to help, sir."

Red was tempted to add a comment about remembering this when payment time rolled around, but decided to hold back. Wolf ambled up beside her, then said, "Okay, let's go check in with Shiro, then Akira can go look for Catherine in this mob..."

Akira blushed pinkly, but didn't deny she'd be doing that. "Right," she agreed and they headed off together.

A older woman was leaning over helping Shiro sort paperwork, put she put down the files with a thump as she saw them. "Wolf! Red! You scoundrels, you're still alive?" the black haired woman laughed.

"Hey Hitomi," Red grinned back as the woman rushed in and hugged them, one at a time.

"Don't 'hey' me!" Hitomi hit Red on the shoulder. "You don't write! Or call!"

"Do I have to pick you up?" Wolf mock threatened the smaller woman. "I can DO that. And you know it."

Hitomi just laughed.

Akira looked vaguely petrified as she watched them interact.

Shiro took pity on her as he pointed out, "I TOLD you my wife knew them."

"Right sorry," Akira recovered.

"Hitomi came in to help deal with all the paperwork and such," Shiro told them once they grabbed chairs and sat, "things are rather more chaotic than usual."

"You can say that again," Hitomi agreed.

Shiro smiled at her then looked back at the others. "The over-all situation is pretty crazy, but we do seem to be getting a handle on it," he told them.

"So it IS the spawn of the critter we killed, right?" Red asked. "I thought those things were killing people..."

Hitomi made a face. "We have a theory. It's rather gross tho," she noted.

"Hit me," Wolf said wryly.

"Three stage life form. The 'momma' critter implants a baby in a host. It gets to a certain point of growth, then errupts. It splits, infesting two new hosts and so on."

"Aliens, much?" Wolf gagged.

"Or Slither. Closer to that film," Red noted. "What about the weird momma critter? How does that factor in?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Shiro admitted. "The 'baby' critters congregate, and after a while start acting like your typical zombie mob. The good news being we've found tasers force the things out of people," he said.

"Whee, fun," Red sighed. "Are we going to be put on taser duty?" she asked.

"You're on retainer," Shiro told them. "Usual rates. I may need you for more extractions, or other jobs. Keep your phones handy, basically..."

"Fair enough," Wolf agreed. "Mind if we grab some chow and some shut eye? It's been a LONG day."

"No problem," Shiro nodded. "Akira, you're off duty too, at least for now. Again, keep your phone handy."

"Thank you sir," Akira saluted.

"I'll catch up with you girls later," Hitomi added as they left.

"Will do," Red agreed.

"We'll grab some beers," Wolf nodded.

They headed down the hall, then took the stairs down. One of the rules of supernatural mercs: bad things can happen in elevators.

"How do you know the chief's wife?" Akira asked curiously.

"We met them on a earlier visit to Japan," Red said cheerilly. "She was a vampire at the time."

It took a second for that to hit. "WHAT." Akira blinked at them.

Wolf looked amused. "You didn't know? Why do you think she stays indoors so much?" she asked cheerfully.

"I hadn't really thought about it," Akira conceded.

"She was cured of the main virus, thankfully, but has some residual effects. Light sensitivity, for one," Red noted

"On the other she'll still look great at a hundred," Wolf noted.

They reached the street as Akira shook her head. "I can't tell if you're joking or not," she said, "I'm going to go find Catherine. Have a nice night."

"Bye," Red waved as she strode off.

"We should ask Hitomi to show her the fangs later," Wolf noted as they ambled off.

"Ha!" Red laughed.

To be continued.

Note: I'm not dead! Really.