The Robots Color

"Wait . . . That's not right." Said the annoyed girl as she messed with a few wires. Her curly mass of red hair covered her entire face as she leaned forward to mess with the wires some more. She ran her eyes over several problems that might have occurred during the last test run. She couldn't seem to recognize anything abnormal about it.

"Aha!" Commented the girl as her eyes locked on the problem. The wires were twisted on the sides. She carefully took her fingers and untangled them. Pleased with her work, she stepped back to observe it.

What she observed was a new kind of robot, built by her very own hands. It had the ability to serve and make food, clean, repair mechanical items, and it could also have entertaining conversations with humans.

"It's missing something. . ." The girl turned around causing her lab coat to make a rather startling noise. Attached to the top of the coat was a name tag that said Melanie. Melanie searched the shelves for something of great importance. When she found what she was looking for, she made an ah noise.

"Here we are!" She returned holding a can of pink paint in one hand and a can of purple paint in the other. She set them down in front of the robot. She circled it making sure that it was turned off before she started painting. She first opened the cans of paint then, dipping a large paint brush into the can, she started painting the robot. In less then one hour she stood back to look at it's colors. It had a pink head, arms, and one leg. It also had a purple abdomen and one leg.

"Perfect!" Melanie cleaned up her mess then took off her lab coat. Underneath, she wore a colorful tie-dyed shirt, along with light blue bell bottom jeans and a belt that sparkled in the light.

Melanie walked up to her robot creation and turned the button on that was on it's back. It's eyes turned from a dark black color to a bright green color. It's head dipped down as if observing it's new color. Melanie smiled, but soon frowned when the robots eyes turned a dark red color. Is it malfunctioning?

"Danger! Danger! Danger!" The robot announced as it sped away to the door and blocked the exit. Melanie looked around but didn't see anything that would be considered dangerous.

"Please remain calm and stay where you are. I have to diagnose the problem." The robot's voice was scratchy and almost emotional. Melanie didn't know what the problem was. She took her chances and walked up to it. She reached for the off switch but was stopped by it's hand touching her arm. She tilted her head at the robot and reached for it anyway. It didn't go as she planned as she felt the robot push her backwards making her land on her bottom.

The robot frantically searched the shelves as if looking for something. At last Melanie stood back up and walked to the dangerous robot. "What seems to be the problem G42-0?" The robot merely looked at her before commenting.

"You painted me pink." Melanie tilted her head at the robot as it spoke.

"Don't you like the color?" Asked the curious Melanie. She didn't know why her robot cared so much. She didn't even remember programming it to be picky.

"I'm a boy." Said the distressed robot.

"Oops . . . "

--- End ---

A/N : One of those short stories that you find in kid magazines or something. It was an assignment for creative writing class. Everyone thought it was fairly good.