Something Scary

"Don't you think it's scary?"

An annoyed face came to my sight.
The usual one that I found whenever I start asking life.
The one I always want to find whenever comfort calls my heed.
Whenever warmth becomes my need.


I hummed a little while, my company waited with no smile.
This is a talk between me and you.
No, it's a talk I tell about you.
The one I really am attached to.

"Meeting someone who's able to ..."

"...make you say 'I'll do just anything for you'."

"Well, it can also be the greatest gift anyway..."

There comes the warm hand to my head, along with a rare smile not everyone granted to find.


I'm stuck at a crossing path.
got scared, got marred, and of the thought of losing you. paled.
sorry I can't get my hands off you.
sorry I don't want to be separated from you.