My name is Lindsay Hope. I am 15 years old and live in an orphanage. My mother died in a car crash soon after I was born and my dad abandoned me and I haven't heard from him since. The year is 2010. This is the story of my life...

"Lindsey!! Come down! They have brought food!" Piped a small girl with black hair in bob as she ran into my bed room.

"Okay, I'm a comin' I'm a comin'" I sighed and followed her.

"Calm down! Geez! It's only some food!" yelled Cleo to the collection of small children that where gathering around her legs. Cleo could sometimes be a bit of a snob but she was okay. She was also the only other person here who is 15.

"Hey! Lindsey! Could you control these little ones for me please?" She pleaded looking up at me

"Sure" I replied "Okay! If you don't leave Cleo alone you won't get any food!" I shouted to the little ones. They all ran off screaming into the living room to watch TV. Phoebe walked in. She was one of the carers here.

"Urg, when will this sickness go? When can they go and ran around like mad in the garden again?" She said as she slumped down into one of the chairs. I probably should have mentioned, there is some virus going around the world. If you catch it you're as good as dead. While they try to find a cure no one (Unless given permission by the government) is allowed outside. The door bell went.

"What the- who the hell can that be? The food people have already been" Said Phoebe getting up. She opened the door and in walked a man in a black version of the special suits that you had to where if you went outside

"I am here for one of your children" He said before anyone could speak

"Who the HELL do you think you are?" demanded as the strange man took off the special suit to reveal a proper black suit.

"Mr. P Angering of the MI5" He said pulling out a licence

"Oh" Was all a stunned Phoebe could say as she stared at his pass

"Is there anywhere private I can talk with you? He asked

"My office is down here, Lindsey, Cleo can you put the little ones to bed?"

"Okay" I replied for both of us

"Oh mysterious!! I wonder what he wants." Said Cleo...

"Would she be safe?" Asked Phoebe in a worried voice

"We don't know, but that is a reason we want an orphan. Just in case" He replied. Phoebe took a deep breath

"Shall we ask her then?" she asked, he nodded his head

"Lindsey, Could you come here please?" I heard Phoebe yell up the stairs to me.

"Good luck" Whispered Cleo as I walked passes her. Why did I need good luck? What I didn't know was that very soon I would need it... I opened the door and went into Phoebes small and messy office. The man still had a emotionless face on but phoebe had face was filled with worry and concern

"Sit down please" asked Phoebe

"Um, okay" I said as I sat down on a chair

"Lindsey, Mr Angering here would like to ask you somthing"

"I am going to get straghit to the point, we want to freeze you and then un-freeze you in about 100 years time. Will you do it for us?" he asked. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. Then suddenly everything went black...

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