Sweet dreams

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I opened my eyes and was greeted with darkness. I stood up and stumbled over something. Then i saw a small strip of light. I walked towards it and poked it. Suddenly a doorway opened and I was pulled through by something. I'm not sure what it was. Anyway I came out in to a hospital room. How could I tell? Every thin was so white and clean and it had that feeling of a hospital. On one side of the white room was a window looking out onto a blue sky and a city, on the other side of that wall was a door and in the middle of the room was a bed. On the bed was a woman and in her arms was cradling a small new born baby. A man came in through the door and he was being escorted by a nurse. He turned around thanked her I think and she left. The man turned to the woman. I could see the love in his eyes as he looked at the two on the bed. He walked over to her and sat next to the woman on the bed. He looked at her and his mouth moved. The woman smiled, nodded and handed him the child. He took it carefully as if scared he would hurt it. He smiled, looked back up at the woman who was looking at the babe and said something. She nodded her head and smiled. She said something. I wish I knew what their conservation was but I couldn't hear anything. It was like I was watching them through a window... The nurse came back and said something. He handed back to child to the woman and then said something. He gave her a peck on the lips and left. Everything went black again.
A gust of wind chilled me to the bone then it was light again. But this time I was looking into a living room. There was a pile or two of colourful presents and above a fireplace was a yellow and light blue birthday banner that said: "Happy 2nd birthday!!""The same couple were there with their now older child. It turned out the child was a girl. Everyone looked happy. The couple were smiling and laughing while playing with their daughter and the child, who was happily playing with a toy she had just unwrapped, giggled and looked as happy as a 2 year old can look. Then it all went dark again, the cold wind came again and the (what I decided was a) screen grew light again.
This moment wasn't as cheery as the other two. For the man was kneeling by a gravestone. And he was crying. After a minute of the sadness that I felt with him he stopped crying and wiped his red-rimmed eyes. He stood up looked at the gravestone then walked away.
The blackness came and so did the wind (As always) and I was in front of a building. It looked familiar but I couldn't work out why. I saw the man and in his arms was the child. He was with another woman. There was something about her that seamed familiar too. He handed her some official looking forms. She looked at them nodded. He handed her the child who burst into tears at being away from her dad. Then man turned around, walked away and never looked back. For some reason this scene didn't change. It had practically frozen. I looked from the woman to the building over and over. I kept wondering why they were so familiar.
Just before I could work it out it out, the darkness and wind came. Now I was in an office. Phoebe's office... She was sitting at a desk talking to a man, the man who took me away, and a girl walked in. Wait no... I walked in! It finally dawned on me... That was MY life, MY parents. And ME being given away... I took a step back and fell over something. But I didn't stop falling.

I screamed but they were silent. And I was still falling then,

I woke up...

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