Challenging the stillness of the night,
Climbing up the walls in playful dance,
Flutters through the room warm candlelight,
Adding just a touch of pure romance.

All the thoughts I capture in your eyes
Lead me to embrace this precious chance.
Brings the night another sweet surprise,
As you smile and ask me "Shall we dance?"

Tides of music whisk me from my seat,
Leading way directly to your arms.
As we move to every rhythmic beat,
I surrender to your tempting charms.

Lovely nonsense shall escape your lips.
Foolishly, I will believe it all.
Tender touch of velvet fingertips
Saturates the hidden depths of soul.

Starlit sky through window takes a peek,
As the moon sends blessings through the night.
We have found what other hearts still seek:
Feelings that make every day seem bright.