i think, i might love you,
a maddening thought.
fluttering through my heart, unlike my mind

they can't agree, they never have
curse of the soul i suppose
one fights for pain, the other rejects it all.

i see her with you, holding you
smiling with you, perhaps,
even though it pains me so, kissing you.

reading your thoughts
drowning in your sorrows
i think, i might love you.

at least, i love your mind
it's complexities, it's bottomless strain
of thoughts without relation

welcome to insanity
i hear your thoughts, as if you spoke them to me
as if you wish i would love you

damn you, for you are right.
i do love you, you and your poisonous thoughts.
forgive me for dreaming of you tonight

it only reminds me that life is still worth the fight
if only i can wake to your words
my silent love.