CHAPTER 4: Face Off

Gigante foot narrowed his eyes upon the large demon, his sword firmly in his grip. The beast shot forward, snapping it's massive jaws at his head. The behemoth of a man rolled to the side and swung his blade, striking the beast's right shoulder with incredible force. The beast roared in both pain and anger, and slammed on of it's massive arms into Gigante Foot at a speed in which the giant was unable to dodge. Gigante Foot hit the ground on his back, sliding through the black dirt and debris. After sliding ten or so meters, he returned to his feet, his mana swirling around his blade.

"Gigante flame slash!" Gigante roared, slamming the blade upon the ground in front of himself.

The massive blade shaped wave of fire struck the ground, and continued forward, engulfing the entire form of the demon. The intense heat of the attacked scorched the already black dirt. The demon roared in pain as it rolled on the ground, the flames going out after a few moments. The beast's body was burned, and in some spots the skin was falling off. The demon roared, opening it's mouth towards Gigante Foot. A bright green orb formed in it's mouth, and after a moment a beam shot forward from it. Gigante Foot was stunned at the sight, the beam slamming directly into his chest and throwing him backwards into the ground with painful force.

Gigante Foot got to his feet, a massive arm slamming into him and sending him backwards once more. Another green orb, and Gigante Foot rolled. The beam struck the ground, followed by a massive explosion of sand and debris. Holding his sword, the behemoth go to his feet and eyed the angry demon. He ran forward, swinging his blade down as another beam came forward. The blade engulfed in flames as it struck the beam, reflecting it off the steel blade and back at the demon, followed by another burst of flames. The beam struck the demon in the mouth, and the flames engulfed the demon's body once more.

The massive demon roared and rolled, struggling with the pain of both fire and it's own attack being reflected upon itself. Gigante Foot seized the opportunity, and jumped towards the demon, his massive blade coming down at the demon's neck. Before the demon could notice, or even react, it's head was cleaved completely off from it's massive body. It rolled to the side, and the flames roared over the beast's body. Gigante Foot kicked the head into the flaming mass, and watched as the demon was reduced to ashes.

He turned and ran over to the maiden, who was laying helpless on the ground. Gigante Foot lifted the girl's small body and placed her over his shoulder. He began to run from the black abyss, and back to the dirt pass. He ran for what seemed like forever, before the treeline was in view. He was almost there. Small animals scattered on either side of him, as massive footsteps echoed from behind. Gigante Foot touched the light brown dirt, and life sprang up on either sides. He was almost there.

A pressure was felt on his back, and Gigante Foot was lifted from the ground a couple feet and thrown forward, as if pushed by something. The maiden hit the ground and rolled from his shoulder, and a large wolf was standing over her body. At least he thought it was a wolf. It wasn't a wolf, it's fur was mangled and bloody, and it's eyes were a dark red. It was several times the size of any other wolf, and it's paw was about the size of Gigante Foot's chest. The wolf leapt over the maiden's body and at the behemoth of a man. He swung his sword, catching the beast in the mouth. The wolf demon bit down on the blade, shaking it from his grip and throwing it aside.

"Gigante Flame!" The behemoth held up his hand, flames spiralling into the face of the demon that had disarmed him.

The beast slammed it's face into the dirt, in an attempt to put out the flames. Gigante Foot dashed for his blade, however was struck by a massive paw in the attempt. The wolf was still putting out the flames, however wasn't about to let him grab his weapon. Gigante Foot looked around, and grabbed a massive branch laying on the ground. The thickness of the branch forced Gigante Foot to wield the thing with two hands, and it got thicker as it went up. It would make a great club.

The wolf shot forward after putting out the flames, and the club was swung. It collided with the beast's side, and the demon was thrown several meters into the air before striking the ground and sliding to a halt. Gigante Foot prepared an overhead swing, the club raising over his head as the wolf demon lunged at him. He swung the branch down, slamming it upon the demon's head as it lunged forward. A crackling sound was heard, and the beast's head slammed into the ground, and it came to a dead halt. He lifted the branch and swung it like a bat, striking the beast in the side. The beast slid into the black dirt of the wasteland, and it did not move.

"Gigante Flame!" Gigante Foot roared, a massive flame engulfing the form of the wolf demon.

He walked over to the maiden and lifted her once more, her eyes opening slightly. He carried her over and sat her down upon a soft grassy area, and retrieved his sword. He pulled a bottle of water from his pouch, and handed it to the maiden. She drank the water, and set the bottle aside.

"Thank you." She said.

"Gigante Foot likes helping." The behemoth said.

"I have the next piece of your quest." The maiden said, standing up.

"Where must Gigante Foot go?" The giant said, still sitting.

"You must head down Death's Path, and over Demon's Hill. There you will find your shoes, however your quest is not done. To find the demon that stole them from you, head through the pit of thorns. There he waits for you." The maiden spoke, a slight smile flickering upon her lips.

"Death's Path... Demon's Hill... Pit of Thorns..." Gigante Foot said, memorizing the three locations.

"Yes." The maiden said, leaning forward and kissing Gigante Foot on the cheek. "And I am coming with you."

"Coming with... Gigante Foot?" The giant asked.

"You saved my life. I owe you." She said, walking on forward. "Well?"

"Okay." Gigante Foot said, getting to his feet.

The maiden walked over to the treeline, and picked up a long, straight branch. She broke the tiny branches off it, and smoothed them down. A staff was what was left. She ran back over to Gigante Foot, her height barely reaching up past his waist. They both walked down the dirt path, until the reached the sign in the fork in the road. The sign that said 'Maiden' was cracked and unreadable, and the other still pointed to the other path. The sign read 'Death'. Both the maiden and Gigante Foot looked at each other, then down the passage.

"Gigante Foot wishes to know the name of the maiden." The giant said.

"Terra." The maiden said, smiling. "Now lets go."

------------------------------------CHAPTER 4 END----------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------BOOK 1 END---------------------------------------------------------