The Chocolate Toe

By Katie Meidt


Once there were two young girls. They were cousins and best friends. Kat the younger of the two was twelve when this dreary night took place. When Kat was younger she was in a group that went against a curious group of people called the Mara's. Kat was seven when that was going on. She had lived in a cave up in the mountain for three years training till one day she had to go up against Vince, their leader. Kat had been their best fighter. She was aggressive enough to hurt you if she had to but she wouldn't kill unless she absolutely had to. Kat decided to leave that group to fight alone when she was ten. Vee was Kat's cousin. Though they were nothing alike. I've already explained Kat. Vee was an independent girly-girl. She wasn't afraid to maim you if you tried to hurt her but she was a big softie. Kind and sweet but prickly, like rose. Kat was more like lavender or maybe mint. But now you know what they were like on with the story! This is story is told from Kats point of view.

I was standing in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. People were pointing and laughing at me. I had just had just been challenging people to sword fights with wrapping paper rolls. It was hilarious. One person had gone all out and it went on threw out the store. It had ended when the manager threatened to call my mom. The kid had been a year older than me and people weren't laughing at him! People could be so cruel. I had to buy my roll because it had snapped. "You break it you buy it!" the manager had said with a menacing glare on his face. I had glared right back and told him my name was Ginger Myles and I lived on the street so I didn't have any money. He had scoffed and I had to work for an hour. I brought my self back sharply to the present when I heard a small voice squeak,

"Kat?" I shook my head. It could not be Vee. She was on vacation in the Himalayas… oh no! I groaned mentally when I realized she had been right up near the Mara. No, no! Please let me be wrong oh please! I was right. Curse my good intuition! I slowly shook my head.

"Vince, what have you told my cousin?" I asked in the voice.

"Kat! Listen. No really listen! Did you kill Tommy Joan?"

"Vee you know me! Was it really necessary to ask that?" then as Vee looked quickly at Vince I realized to her it was.

"Vee I did not kill that poor child. He was young and he was with the group I was with. I would not kill my brother." I stated clearly. She looked nervously relieved. I then turned to glare at Vince.

"What's your problem anyway?" I asked him almost yelling. Vee realizing she'd been tricked gasped. She turned to Vince and jabbed at finger at him,

"You evil little snitch! Why to feel the need to," she heard it exactly when I did. The roaring of a bus being started up. We swiveled to look behind me. Wait; was that Victoria or Jane in the front seat? Victoria, I decided. I realized what she was doing and screamed at Vee,

"RUN!!!!" she ran straight to Wal-Mart. I followed jumping and screaming when necessary. We barreled in the doors. We heard the buses turn off but we didn't care. The manager came up to me.

"You again! You really are a glutton for punishment." I stared at him for a full five seconds before I said in a really obvious tone,

"Umm, you realize I'm twelve and never gone to school a day in my life right?" I asked, even though this was a total lie. He glared at me. I smirked at his bamboozled expression. I love being me. I quickly ran around him, and then realized Vee and I had been split up. Crap. I heard voices behind me. Vince and crew. Double crap! I ran towards the clothes area, and jumped into a storage room, were they kept all the extra clothes. I sighed in relief when the group passed before turning around and realizing I was not alone. Behind were a group of the largest men I had ever seen. One of them had to have been at least seven feet tall! Now normally this should have scared me… if he hadn't been sucking on his toe. What the heck?

"Hey little buddy!" one of the larger guys said walking up to me and crushing me in a hug. I gasped at the sudden contact, and he let me go. He had this sort of spaced out expression on his face. I figured they were doing drugs. There were seven of them. They were all huge. I frowned at the guy sucking n his toe.

"Why is he…?" I trailed off questioningly.

"His toe is made of chocolate." He answered easily. My eyes went wide and I stared at him.

"Why?" I asked amazed.

"It was an Easter present from the football team, aka, or also known as us." He stated happily.

"Okay then. Hey you guys wanna help me with something?" I asked quickly as I heard Vince's voice getting near. They all nodded eagerly. I found this weird, but y'know, whatever floats their boats. "Hide me." I finished, before diving into a stack of clothes. They gathered around the pile. The one guy even stopped sucking on his toe! Needless to say I was flattered. Suddenly the door opened! (Insert random gasp from the audience here)

"Where is she?" came Vince's angry voice. He was just mad 'cause I kicked his butt when I was nine. I heard the football team mumble incoherently. Vince walked in and I held my breath. An echoing smash came from somewhere. Vince ran out, obviously thinking it was I. I came out and high fived my new best friends. They grinned, and my favorite (toe guy) asked,

"Want us to teach 'em a lesson?" he cracked his knuckles threateningly. I grinned.

"Thanks but their way to powerful." I answered sadly.

"No prob buddy! We got connections." He answered secretively. "We'll take 'em down for ya." He said grinning broadly. I hesitated before nodding.

"Okie doke. But be careful." I chastised. He grinned before stampeding out with the rest of the guys. I left soon after.

"Vee!" I shouted as I spotted her in the clothes rack pretending to be a mannequin. It seemed to be working. She saw me and grinned. I grabbed her hand and we ran. But she stopped me, and produced a list. The Wal-Mart list. She smiled hopefully and I gave in. Together we set all the alarm clocks to go off at random intervals, sat down in the lawn chairs and drank sodas with little umbrellas in it. T-P'ed the tents, set up a war zone in the toys isle with GI Joes and Barbie's. We had lots of fun, but then we saw Vince. With him was Jane, Victoria, James, and Harry. They ran at us real guns drawn and… was stampeded by fifteen extremely buff football players. The football players and taken down the most evil and terrifying group in the Himalayas single handedly. Dude. That was epsome. After that Vee, The football players, the chocolate toe, and me all went out to eat. It was fun.

The End.