all i want is to hole up in my bedroom
where no one can find me
so i can run away from my unrelenting thoughts

all they do is repeat over and over
what could happen if we were dating
the heartbreak that could occur
the worries, [the carefree attitude]
the happiness and love i've been waiting for
all the great times i'll never forget

the more they assault me,
the more confused i become

it doesn't help when i have no one to talk to
with all these different opinions
and all the scenarios

i can't talk to cat
because she likes him too
i've already talked to hail
so i don't want to bother her anymore
and i can't talk to him
since he's what this is all about

i just feel like i want to cry
so abandoned and alone
with nowhere else to go

i can feel the tears in my eyes
but i won't let them fall

i never know what to do
so i try to run away
but it waits for me to return
in this never-ending cycle of life