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Here is the last chapter of the story; Enjoy:

Tristan and I were lying together in the bed as we waited for Abigail to return. I was too afraid to move or talk since there was a part of me (the part that was probably a little paranoid) that was worried that any sudden movements would cause Christophe to take over my body again.

Tristan had pulled me against his chest and was busy running his hands through my hair when Abigail returned with a young blonde girl who could be no older than sixteen. The moment she caught sight of me lying on the bed, her eyes widened. That was sign enough that she obviously noticed something about me that gave way to what, or really, who was trying to possess my body.

Tristan moved to stand up, but I grabbed his hand and yanked him back down.

"You're not allowed to leave my side."

He raised an eyebrow, "Aw… are you scared?"

I glared at him, "No, just wary. The last witch I met ended up being the reason I got into your psycho brother's hand in the first place. I blame them for my current situation."

I watched Chloe suspiciously as she approached where I lay on the bed.

Chloe seemed to notice my apprehension and stopped halfway to the bed, "I can tell that you are apprehensive…"

"No shit," I said quickly before I could stop myself, "Sorry… that was rude. I just, well, the last and only witch I met ended up pushing me straight to Christophe, so excuse me if I am a little apprehensive of you."

"I am sorry to hear that," Chloe said, "But you should know that I have no ill intentions towards you; I just want to help you." she smiled reassuringly at me.

I felt Tristan's mouth near my ear, "I also told her that if anything happened to you that she would have to pay for it."

I turned to glare at him, "What?!" I asked, "You threatened her just so she would help me?"

"No, she offered to help when I told her what was going on." he replied, "I told her that if she hurt you in any way and couldn't fix the damage she would have to pay with her life."

I just stared at him for a few minutes; not really knowing what to say to that really. "I guess love doesn't change the psycho part of you, does it?"

His look turned serious, "Not when it involves you and your safety it doesn't."

I just kept staring at him as I didn't know what else to do really. I certainly didn't know how to respond to him. The typical "oh, that's so sweet!" wouldn't really work here. Luckily, Chloe chose that moment to clear her throat awkwardly which brought both of our attention back to her.

"I am going to do the best that I can to help you and in order to do that Tristan has to step away in order to give me enough space." she looked pointedly at our hands which were still practically glued together.

It took a good two minutes at least before I felt comfortable releasing my death grip on his hand; he squeezed it reassuringly before stepping away.

"Remember what I said, Chloe," his voice had taken on a dark tone.

"Oh… I remember very clearly, Tristan." Chloe replied coolly, "Like I said, I will do what I can. Everything I do will be done with her best interest in mind. Now, step away so that I can assess her."

Tristan reluctantly stepped away from me to stand off to the side; only a couple of steps away from the bed.

Chloe stepped up to the space that Tristan had just vacated. Before she could say or do anything, Tristan's voice sounded from behind her, "How is my brother able to get to her after death?"

Chloe turned to look at him, "Your first assumption was correct, Tristan. Jessica completely reeks of magic; very dark magic. It takes a powerful witch to cast a spell this potent."

"Can you fix it?"

Chloe lowered her eyes; "To be honest, I don't know. I have to find the entry point… where the witch was touching her when the spell was cast and even if I was able to do that… which there is hardly any chance of that happening anyway since spell removal on this scale is super painful and I may not be able to remove it without permanently injuring her or, worse, killing her."

I glanced at Tristan over Chloe's head; his facial expression hardly changed at all at the revelation; I had a feeling that he was trying to hide his true reaction. There was something in his eyes that gave me that impression that he didn't like the sound of that at all.

After a few minutes of silence between the three of us, I finally spoke up, "Do it."

"What?!" Tristan nearly yelled the words; his eyes were wide with something akin to shock. His sudden outburst made me jump.

Chloe just looked at me; one eyebrow raised, "What?"

"You heard me."

"If you think that I am going to let you…" Tristan trailed off as I glared at him.

"If you think I am going to let you tell me what to do than you are sadly mistaken," I spat, "I am not going to suffer like this for the rest of my life. I would rather die."

"Jessica… I will not lose you."

I raised my eyebrow at that comment; sure I was a bit flattered that he felt that way, but I was also pissed that he had the nerve to admit that he was selfish, "How selfish of you; last time I checked this was about me and my body and not you. I don't want to risk it either, but I also don't want to have to deal with your psycho brother haunting my dreams for the rest of my life or have to worry about him taking over my body whenever he damn well pleases."

Chloe looked between the two of us as we had a staring contest, but after a few seconds, Tristan finally relented; probably realizing that he was not going to win this battle.

"There's a chance that I could move him from her body to another body… and you could kill him that way, but the other body would be destroyed, but the same rules apply… I have to find the entry point in which his soul entered her so that I can pull him out the same way."

"Do it." Tristan ordered, "If you could find the entry point and remove him from her body, I can provide a body for you to move him to."

"Are you sure?" she asked, "That body will have to be completely destroyed to make sure he can't resurrect."

Tristan smiled; an expression that was almost psychotic, "Oh, believe me, I was planning on killing this bastard anyway."

Chloe turned her attention back to me, "Now, Jessica, do you recall any time that a spell might have been cast on you?"

"I was housed with witches who ended up giving me up to Christophe, so there's a chance something happened, but it happened when I was asleep, as I don't recall anything." I paused, thinking for a moment realizing something, "Wait a minute… there was a time when I was connected to Tristan through my tattoo and they removed the connection."

Chloe perked up at that revelation, "Do you remember anything about it?"

"Other than being in a whole hell of a lot of pain?" I asked, "No. Though, I do remember that the connection between us was only temporary… as the tattoo came back a little later."

"Hmm… that's interesting." Chloe paused for a moment, "I think I know what they did."

I raised an eyebrow, "That fast?"

"Well, I have a hunch," she corrected, "I have never heard of a witch casting a disconnection spell; however, they are permanent and I have never heard of one being only temporary. Do you remember what exactly happened?"

"Well, they were chanting in some weird language; one of them was holding a necklace which I think had a heart shaped pendant on it made of silver. They told me that within the heart there were herbs meant to ward off vampires, but I ended up taking it off because I was starting to not trust them and thought it would reopen my connection to Tristan. I don't know where it is now."

"It's a shame you don't have it, Jessica… I would love to look at it as that would greatly help me understand. Though, I do not need to see it to tell that pendants are not needed for disconnection spells."


"All you need for that kind of spell is the person you want your mind to be disconnected from or something that belongs to them."

"They didn't have either one of those things."

"Then they didn't cast a disconnection spell. It might have been a temporary side effect, but that's it. Do you remember how you felt afterwards?" she asked.

This was starting to not look good at all. I was a little afraid to tell her how I felt afterwards as I had a feeling that it was going to lead to the decision that they had lied to me and had done something else to me instead. This would mean that I had every reason to be wary of them.

"I felt empty, I guess you could say."

"I think I know what they did…" Chloe trailed off, "But neither one of you is going to like it." When neither one of us said anything, she continued, "I think they cast a soul weakening spell on you, Jessica."

"What the hell is that?" I asked.

"It's exactly like it sounds like… it's a dark spell that is meant to split someone's soul."

"Like what Voldmort did in Harry Potter?" I asked. "Seriously?"

Chloe looked like she wanted to hit me, I think Tristan's growling from behind her prevented her from acting on that impulse, she gulped slightly, "Yes, but in this case, it's not useful anymore. If you die, you can't come back to life from that piece of soul they took as it has been permanently removed from the body and probably destroyed. The goal of the spell is to leave room for another soul."

"Damnit!" I shouted, smacking the bed with my hands, "I knew there was a reason to not trust them!" I spat.

"Yes… my guess is they used your hatred of Tristan to get you to agree to this knowing that the disconnection would be temporary."

"But… Christophe was pissed when he found out that the mark was still there…"

She shrugged, "My guess is that he thought the spell would remove the connection to Tristan too."

"Can you put it back?"

She shook her head, "I may be able to try if I had the pendant as I am sure that it where they put it, but I can't do that because you don't know where it is. If I find the entry point, I can see if I can remove his soul from inside of you and destroy that, but I can't put back what they removed. Sorry."

"As long as the soul that is missing won't affect me." I said, "Though, I guess it doesn't matter either way since I want him out of me regardless."

I watched Tristan's reaction to that statement; his eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything which I thought took a lot of control as I knew how much he did not approve of me doing this. To be honest, it was kind of amazing to see how much he had changed since I knew the Tristan that I had first met would not have approved of this and would been sure to do everything in his power to prevent me from doing something that he did not like. Though, the Tristan I first met probably wouldn't let me do this at all since he was that much of a control freak.

"I think I may know where the entry point is on your body…at least, I have a hunch." Chloe said, "Do you still have Tristan's mark?"

I nodded as I pulled up my shirt sleeve to reveal the black letter "T" on my shoulder. It was odd to see it as I had pretty much forgotten it was there. As I stared at it, I no longer felt any anger towards it or towards the person who gave it to me. It was kind of crazy to see how things had changed in just a few weeks.

"I'm going to start my search there, okay?" she asked, as she leaned in to get a good look at the mark.

I nodded, "Is it going to hurt?" I asked.

She glanced up at me, "Did it hurt when they placed the spell on you?"

"Yea…" I said slowly, dreading the answer now.

"Well, then, it's probably going to hurt to get him out of you." she explained, "I can see what I can do lessen the pain, but I can't make any promises, okay?" she asked, at my nod, she continued, "Now let's hope that the entry point is on your mark… that would make this go by a whole lot faster."

She placed her cool hand against the skin of my shoulder and the sudden and sharp pain that shot through me at the touch was enough to make me yell.

Tristan was there so fast that I didn't even see him move. He had Chloe up against the wall in a choke hold, "What the hell did you do?"

Chloe struggled to breathe, "I-I didn't do anything…" she trailed off; unable to continue due to Tristan cutting off her air.

"Tristan!" He turned to glare at me, "I'm fine… it just hurt when she touched me. Let go of her neck before you kill our only means of possibly fixing this!"

The last sentence caused him to promptly drop the young witch. Chloe coughed and brought her hand up to massage her throat. Tristan stepped back from her, but made no move to help her.

After a few minutes, Chloe glanced at Tristan warily, "I think I may have found the entry point."

Tristan said "What?" at the same time that I said "Already?"

She glanced between the two of us before shrugging. I can't tell you why he would have picked such an obvious place. Maybe he was hoping that you wouldn't think to check there or that you would never try to get him out as he probably knows that the action could kill Jessica."

She glanced at me "Are you sure you want to do this, Jessica?" she asked "Once I start, I won't be able to stop and this could kill you."

Tristan opened his mouth to answer for me, but I glared at him and he shut his mouth just as fast as he opened it.

"Yes, I'm sure."

Chloe turned to Tristan, "Before we go any further, I need that other body. The moment that I get him out of her, I am going to need to put him somewhere else."

Tristan nodded and left the room before she could even finish the sentence.

Chloe sighed and turned towards me, "Is he always…" she trailed off; obviously she was unable to come up with an appropriate word.

"Such an asshole?" I finished for her; I shrugged, "Sometimes, but never this bad."

Chloe stared at me with a strange look on her face; one that I couldn't quite decipher, "Actually I was going to ask if he was always this protective."

I just stared at her.

"I have come across a few vampires like him who are protective of their mate, but they are few and far between. Vampires are usually too selfish to be so exclusive with one person. Tristan must really love you."

I didn't get a chance to respond to her as Tristan chose that moment the return and he was not alone. He was dragging a kicking Alexander into the room a few minutes later. The big man was covered in blood and dirt and smelled like he hadn't had a bath in at least a week. His clothes were tattered and barely covered his body. His face looked shrunken and his arms and legs appeared to have lost some of their muscle mass. In all honesty, he looked like a hobo. A sick hobo. I realized that part of the reason he smelled was because his hands were tied behind his back with pure silver which was causing his skin to burn. The stench was strong enough to make me throw up and I would have, had I had anything to throw up. As it stood, I could just stand there with my face scrunched up in disgust.

Tristan led him to the center of the room and promptly let go of his struggling form. When he tried to move away, Tristan simply placed his foot on his chest and made him stay put. He tried to speak; probably wanted to say something rude, but the duct tape covering his mouth prevented him from speaking a coherent sentence.

Chloe looked at him with an eyebrow raised; her face a little scrunched up at Alexander's bloodied and disheveled appearance. Tristan answered her unanswered question, "This is the body you can put my brother into."

"Oh." was all that Chloe could say to that.

I could do nothing but stare at the bloodied vampire sitting in front of me. I wasn't going to complain about his choice since I sure as hell wanted this vampire dead as much as Tristan did.

"Where do you want me to put him?" Tristan asked, nudging the other male with his foot.

"Bring him over him and lay him on the bed next to Jessica," she explained, "He needs to be on her left so he is next to the entry point." she explained.

Tristan followed the orders and the next thing I knew the big, blond vampire was lying next to me; glaring daggers at me. He tried to move closer to me, but Tristan pulled him back by his hair, bringing his mouth close to the other male's ear, "Don't get any closer to her, asshole. I'm sure Chloe here only needs you breathing with or without your limbs attached."

Chloe gave me a pointed looked over Tristan's shoulder; as if to say, "I told you so". Surprisingly I wasn't upset at the revelation that Tristan's action had seemed to move from being possessive to being just protective.

"Tristan…" Chloe trailed off. Tristan jerked his head towards her, "You need to move out of the way so I can do what you have asked me to do."

He nodded before promptly letting go of Alexander's hair; I'm pretty sure that he took a couple of hairs with him though I don't think he really cared.

Chloe moved to replaced Tristan standing next to Alexander. Though, Tristan didn't go as far as he had before Alexander had been brought in. Clearly, he was wary of him; as was I. However, it seemed the big vampire seemed to believe Tristan's threat as he did nothing to me as Tristan stepped away from the bed.

Chloe reached over Alexander to touch my shoulder again and the pain started again. I gritted my teeth as the pain worsened the longer she touched it. I could vaguely hear her talking to Tristan, "This is definitely where they opened her up to allow his soul inside. The magic here is strong and it wreaks of evil."

I closed my eyes after that and tried to focus on something other than the pain. I pictured my mother and I going shopping together; my Senior prom, the night my high school volleyball team won the biggest tournament of our lives. The focus on the memories lessened the pain a little.

"Jessica, you may want to hold onto something… this next part is going to hurt a lot worse than what you are going through right now."

I quickly realized that there was nothing to hold onto, but I didn't have to search long since I felt Tristan's hand suddenly there and holding on to mine. I opened my eyes for only a moment to stare up at him. He gave me a reassuring smile; an expression that shocked me as I hadn't seen it too often.

I suddenly felt a blinding hot pain on my shoulder; a pain that was so severe that I would have jerked off the bed had Tristan not been there to hold me down. It felt like acid was being poured onto my shoulder. One quick glance was all the proof I needed that that was not the case; Chloe was just touching my mark and muttering what I thought was a spell. I wasn't sure as it was in another language.

Through the blinding pain, I saw her touch Alexander who tried to howl through the gag. The gag made his howl sound more like a pathetic whimper. Chloe just kept on muttering the spell; she seemed to be unfazed by Alexander's jerky movements. Tristan shifted my hand into his left hand and reach over me with his right hand to shove Alexander back down on the bed. Through the haze of pain, I could smell Tristan's scent; a combination of cologne and soap. The scent was enough to make me forget about the pain for a few minutes. At least until a new wave of pain crashed into me and I nearly bucked off the bed.

This continued to God only knew how long. I actually lost track of time. I was too busy trying to focus on anything but the pain to pay attention to anything else.

"Almost done." Chloe gasped out; she sounded exhausted, "I just have to get a good grip on him. He keeps slipping away."

Those were the last words in English that she spoke.

The pain started back up again and I gripped Tristan's hand so hard that I was sure that if he had not been a vampire I would have crushed his hand.

"Come on, you little bastard." Chloe muttered underneath her breath, "Gotcha."

There was a sudden pull inside me; as if a part of me was being ripped away. I jerked and felt the exact moment in which Christophe separated from the part of my soul that he had attached to. I also felt the exact moment when he left my body entirely. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I could finally breathe normally. An odd feeling as I could breathe just fine when he had been attached to my soul.

The pain I felt was suddenly gone and it appeared that when my pain ended, Alexander's began as he began grunting loudly next to me. By the time I opened my eyes, Chloe was pushing hard into Alexander's bicep. A wispy cloud of smoke was right underneath her fingers. I watched as she continued to shove against his arm and muttering what was clearly another spell.

In only a few moments, the wispy cloud was gone, shoved, unwillingly into Alexander's body. I watched in horror as he jerked and dry heaved behind the gag. He nearly fell off the bed, but Tristan's hand prevented him from doing so. After a few more jerky movements, he lay completely still. He lay still for so long that I thought he had died. And, just before I was about to make the judgement, his eyes opened and I just knew that that wasn't Alexander staring back at me anymore. I don't know what made me realize the eyes, even if they were not the evil brown eyes of Tristan's brother, I knew he was not the one staring at me with such loathsomeness.

Tristan must have realized this as the same time as me as he shoved me away so fast, I fell off the bed and landed with an "ooph" on my butt. When I got up, Tristan had a knife in his hand and was brandishing it towards the other vampire.

"I can't wait to kill you and then I get rid of you and that bastard, Alexander. Two for the price of one."

Alexander – Christophe – grunted as if he wanted to say something.

Tristan non-ceremoniously yanked the tape off his mouth. The moment his mouth was free, Christophe began laughing; it was a laugh with no humor only evil and I shuddered.

"Once again, brother, you have chosen to be a weak coward." he pointed out his tied hands, "Killing a man while he is tied down is cowardly of you."

Tristan scoffed, "And putting a part of yourself inside of the woman I love is any less cowardly?" he spat angrily.

Christophe laughed again, "Love? Like I said, you are weak and pathetic. I have always been embarrassed for you. You and your pathetic feelings always getting in the way. Too bad mother and father didn't feel the same. Too bad they adored you and gave all their love and I got nothing."

I stared at him, "That's because you're a grade A psycho. If I was your mama, I probably wouldn't love you either!" I spat.

"Jessica!" Tristan yelled.

"What? It's the truth! You know it, I know it and he sure as hell knows it. I'm just the one that has the balls to admit it."

"You sure know how to pick the feisty ones, don't you, brother?" Christophe asked, "I guess that's one thing I did right, but you have to go and ruin it by letting her keep that feisty attitude."

"God, you are such a sick fuck!" I spat, "You –"

"Jessica." Tristan said calmly, "Leave us."

I turned to glare at him, "W-what?" I asked.

"Leave us. We have some unfinished business."

I narrowed my eyes, "You better kill him when you finish your 'unfinished business', Tristan, or I will do it for you, you hear me?" I spat, "A psycho like him does not deserve to live."

"And take Chloe with you."

I glanced at the other girl; I had completely forgotten she was even in the room.

"Fine." I spat as I got up and grabbed Chloe's hand and began dragging her from the room, "But, remember what I said." I slammed the door shut.

I sat down outside the room, staring at the door. The door was so thick that even my vampire hearing couldn't pierce the door. Pissed me off, to be honest.

Chloe watched me warily from where she sat next to the door. I ignored her; too anry to pay attention to her at all. Which was a mistake as I was so focused on trying to drill a hole in the door with my eyes that I didn't notice her muttering underneath her breath until it was too late.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, the last couple of words were slurred slightly. My eyes began to grow heavy.

"You need to get some sleep, Jessica."

"If you do anything to me or Tristan while I am out, I will personally kill you." I wanted the threat to sound menacing, but because my words were slurred and I sounded like I was drunk, it really sounded more pathetic.

"I'm not doing anything but letting you get some sleep. When you wake up, it will all be over,"

Those were the last words I heard before I lost consciousness.

I woke up suddenly to find myself in bed; the same bed I had been in earlier. A quick glance proved that I was no alone. Tristan was lying next to me; leaning against the headboard and running his hands aimlessly through my hair.

I looked around, but found my evidence of Alexander/Christophe anywhere.

"Where's –"

"My brother is dead." he answered my question before I could speak the question, "I asked Chloe to knock you out outside so you would not have to hear or see anything. It was messy."

"How do I know it's you?" I asked.

"Because only I would know how we first met, Jessica."

I looked at him; confused, "And, how exactly did we meet?" I asked.

He smiled at me, "You found yourself in my club with your friend, Tara. You were able to escape the bloodbath and you caught my attention by how feisty you were. You were able to resist my compulsion. If that is not enough, I also know that first time I punished you, it was for that dirty mouth of yours." He smirked at me, "Still don't believe me? How about the first time I kissed you? Hmm? Remember it? I do. It occurred after you found my secret research room, if you want to call it that. Is that enough proof for you? If it's not, I can't certainly provide more."

I wanted to smack the smirk off his face, but I was so happy that it was him that I nearly tackled him where he lay on the bed.

"Oh, thank God! I was worried that he would somehow get into you before you could kill him."

"Well, no need to worry… I took care of him and the body. Like I said, it was messy."

I sighed, "I'm just glad it's over and everyone that needs to be gone, is."

"Me too." he started; he was going to say something else, but the shrill sound of a phone interrupted him. He turned to pick up his phone on the bedside table. I could only hear his side of the conversation which consisted of mostly "Yes, sir" and "uh-huh". I closed my eyes for just a moment and opened them to see him writing down information on a small writing pad. He hung up shortly after he finished writing on the paper. He placed the cellphone and the notepad on the bedside table.

I waited patiently for him to tell me who it was on the phone, but when that didn't work, I opened my mouth to ask him myself.

"That was the King," Tristan started slowly, "My assistance is needed."

I raised an eyebrow, "I hope that is not the only thing you are going to tell me."

"The war is over, Jessica."

It took me a minute to realize what he was talking about, "Already?" I asked, "Damn that was fast."

That may not have been the best thing to say; seeing as how I used to be human and humans had just lost the planet to vampires, but I didn't really know what else to say. I looked at Tristan, "What's going to happen now?"

"The King wants to start rounding up most humans and put them all in one place, so they are easier to control. Some are already on a list for vampires to purchase and use as they see fit."

I didn't need an explanation of what he meant by that statement. I shuddered; surprisingly glad that I had been taken before the takeover and I was already safe somewhere. I could only imagine what the rest of human population (that was still alive, that is) would be feeling when they were either taken from their home and sold to a vampire to use however they wanted.

Tristan didn't comment on my shudder, "The King wants my help to round up the humans who already have vampire buyers"

I just stared at him; "He wants you to help capture humans and take them to their deaths?"

"Jessica, that's not –"

"Bullshit! You and I both know that that is exactly where most of them are going; a few of them may get lucky, but I have seen how most vampires act and they are nothing but mindless murderers. I recall you acting quite psycho when you first got hold of me," I glared at him; he had the courtesy to look uncomfortable at the reminder, "And you had a reason to act that way and stopped when it was no longer needed; most other vampires may not be like that. In fact, I believe most of them are probably more like Christophe and Annabelle; completely crazy." I turned to glare at him, "I don't want you to have any part in that. It makes me sick just thinking about what you could be doing to those poor people."

"I can't tell the King 'no'." Tristan said.

"Sure you can," I said, "You just call him back and tell him so."

Tristan looked at me like I was crazy. Who knew? At this point I probably was. A few seconds later, he burst out in a fit of laughter. It was such a shock that I could just stare at him. After a few moments, Tristan had calmed down enough to speak, "Jessica, I know you are new to being a vampire and vampire politics, but you will need to learn quite quickly that you do not, under any circumstance, tell the Vampire King 'no' unless you want to die a very painful death."

"Fine," I said; crossing my arms over my chest, "But, you should know while you are off doing the King's dirty work that I do not approve. At all."

"Oh, I am fully aware of that, Jessica." he grinned at me.

"So, who is your first victim then?" I asked; I had no idea why I wanted to know this; giving the poor person a name would just make it worse.

Tristan glanced at the notepad on the bedside table; "There's several; this guy apparently wants a couple to choose from: Sarah Price, Casey Jenkins, Josephine Martin, Jasmine Jordan, and Stephanie Jackson."

"All females?" I asked.

"Not only that but they are all sixteen going on seventeen in a few months."

His cellphone buzzed on the table and he reached back to grab it. He took a moment to glance at the screen before muttering, "Hm... that's interesting…"

"What is?" I asked.

"The King just sent me pictures of all of the girls and… well, take a look for yourself." he pushed the phone in front of my face.

Once my eyes were able to focus on the screen, I immediately saw what he thought was so interesting. All of the girls looked similar in appearance. Same dark brown hair; same piercing blue eyes. It was rather creepy, to be honest and it reminded me a little too much of my situation.

"Please tell me that this guy is not like you," I muttered, "No offense, Tristan, but I don't want another girl to go through what I went through."

He sighed, "I don't know, Jessica, but I do know that I will do what I can to help them and protect them while I can, okay?" he asked; he bent down to kiss me on the cheek before moving to stand.

I grabbed his arm and he paused to look at me, "You're still going?" I asked.

"Jessica, I told you already… you don't refuse a request from the Vampire King. At least you don't if you want to live."

"Fine, but hurry back."

"I will be back as soon as I able to be." he reassured me before he leaned down to kiss me. An action that began innocently enough, but ended up with both of us breathing heavily and me wanting him to leave even less, "I will be back even faster just so we can finish that."

"Good," I smiled, "Because I think I may be… you know, ready." At his questioning look, I elaborated, "Ready for sex."

"You trust me?" he asked.

I paused for a moment, "Yes. And… I love you."

"Love you too. I'll be back soon."

I could only nod as he pulled away from me and got ready to leave. He first pulled on a black T-shirt before sitting on the bed to put on socks and shoes. With one last look at me, he left me alone in the large bed with nothing but my thoughts.

Never in a million years would I have expected my life to turn out this way. I would have never expected to be love with a vampire; let alone, the vampire who had kidnapped, tortured and raped me. I guess it was really true what the say… you can't help who you fall in love with, but no matter what anyone says, I was happy and in the end, I think that's all that matters.

With that last though, I rolled over and found myself falling into the most peaceful sleep of my life.

The End.

Several people have asked me if there will be a sequel. I have answered that question individually, but I will answer it here as well. I am not currently looking at a sequel (but that does not mean I will not write one at some point!). The story "Everything I Never Wanted" is sort of a sequel to those story as it shows what happens after the vampires take over (those of you who read that story should have caught the connection in this chapter!) Tristan and Jessica will also make an appearance in it.

Once again, thank you SO much for the support and patience with me, I know it is not easy to wait for updates on a story you like as I go through the same thing on here with my favorite stories. I am super excited to mark this story as complete now!

Now that this story is over, I can now focus my attention on "Everything I Never Wanted" and "When It All Falls Apart". So, look for an update on what of those stories soon!