Made: Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time: 8: 15p.m

I'm in a room of my own

No one around, all alone

Not even words, sticks or stones

Just me and my imagination.

The room in endless and white

Nothing to fear, no fright

Lit with its own invisible light

Plenty of room for me here.

I have no pen or paint

With nothing may these walls be taint

So overwhelming I could faint

The magic lies in my fingertips.

I scale a finger along a wall

They stretch out so far and tall

My voice echoes when I call

When I know no one can hear me.

There's so many things I could make

So many ideas I could create

Bring to life what was once fake

All with my hand alone.

I laugh loudly to myself

As I run with no need for stealth

No need for power or wealth

This is all mine now.

Colors jump around the room

Dancing like flowers in bloom

Happy like a wife and groom

And I made it all happen.

With just my mind and touch

I can create so much

I need no help or crutch

Just my imagination alone.