it's fascinating how quickly the storm sets in,
& then disappears again
like a magic trick: now you see me, & now
you don't. the sky was so clear
when the sun broke the horizon but
it never lasts long—paradise is(n't)
an impossibility (if you can just
believe in (me&you&)us). is this déjà vu or
is it vertigo? the ground
began to tremble as the clouds spun
around each other, keeping their
secrets yet telling no lies (because
you can't tell a lie if you
don't say anything but you can't tell
the truth
when you're living a lie),
entwined around each other
but being forced to

s e p a r a t e. the rain began to fall
for an instant (but
she's cried enough tears she
could probably give all the kids
in africa a drink) before the sun
shone through & exposed
his world of lies.

a/n: the sun will arise, & expose all your lies.
so why deny that you & i lead different lives?
rivers from your eyes can't change my mind.
(10 years)