you smell so good after you smoke,
even better than after you shower.
it's a smell i could choke on. it's
all rolled into one—no pun
. it's everything i'm
not. it's everything i wish i could
(have) be(en when i was still
yours). the smoke lingers on
your skin and in your hair,
everywhere my fingertips
ache to graze.

you smell so good
after you smoke, you smell
like sex & desire & rage & pain
& everything i miss about you
gets lost in that musky odor.
everything that used to make you
mitchell gets lost in that lie.

but you smell so fucking good
after you smoke, it makes me
want you to keep that
four letter lie
alive just a little while longer.

a/n: it's times like this i'm not prepared,
everybody else is runnin' scared. so,
take a little bit off the top, i don't care
just make it stop.