all the things i fall for

(blue eyes, strong hands, sweet smile)

rolled up into you

how did i wait so long and

how did i ever get along without you?

the fantasy i dreamed of (you&me)

is turning more real

with every touch of your fingers to mine.

you make me tremble in excitement and fear

for what i (don't) know

and when you lean in to whisper

something about whoevenknowswhat in my ear

you don't know how much i want to

just reach over and kiss you

(&how much i wish you'd do it first)


a/n: translation: eammon asked me out, even after he declined my invitation out a few months ago. i don't know what changed his mind but i swear i'll worship it forever because this was the most exciting, charged, and fun first date i've ever had in my life. it was nothing huge or special... maybe it's just the boy.