Gir's Easter

Gir was walking down the street on his way home from the costume store, he loves to dress up, and while he was walking he noticed a sign on a telephone pole. The sign read:

10th annual Easter Egg Hunt.

You've got to be there.

It's on Easter day.

It starts at noon and ends at 1pm.

Don't miss it.

Gir was so excited that he ran the rest of the way home to get ready for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow. The next morning Gir got up around 9:30am so he could prepare for the Easter egg hunt. Gir dressed up in a green bunny suit, ate his breakfast waffles, and walked to the park around 10:00am. Gir made it to the park around 11:45am. Gir than joined the group of kids waiting for the egg hunt to begin. A man soon went up on to the podium and told everyone the rules and before he left he told everyone to have fun. When the clock struck 12 an air horn was blown signaling the start of the Easter egg hunt. Gir found the colorful eggs in bushes, trees, and everywhere else at the park. He also found eggs near the stage. When 1 o'clock arrived Gir went home happy and with a basket full of bright colorful eggs that were felled with candy. When Gir got home he ate his candy and waffles and then slept happily with dreams full of waffles, cupcakes and candy. THE END!!