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Chapter 3

Razor sharp nails bored into my shoulders as the blood-curdling creature dragged me down the corridor. I kept shouting and I kept swinging around, trying to break free from this vice-like grip. What was going on? What is this thing, a giant eagle?

I heard my fellow team members scream and run after me, but they could not possibly stop this menacing bird. I saw them throwing rocks, obviously trying to get the thing's attention.

"Bloody humans, this is why I don't want them here!" It growled behind me. The bird's talking!

"Hey! You! Can you understand me?" I tried talking to it, sort of turning my head in its direction. His face was an awful sight, his beak a clear sign of him being a down-right carnivore. It had blood stains all over, and he disgustingly smelled of bad meat.

"Be quiet."

"Drop me! Now! This entire situation happened by accident. It is not our fault that we ended up here."

He ignored me then, and just kept dodging the rocks being tossed at him. He frowned when Jack tried to hang onto his paw, falling back in the process. The second time he jumped though, he finally got hold of his leg and held on for dear life.

It was then when I noticed the stem that was attached to his foot, leading down to where Chester, Christine and Valery was holding on and pulling very hard. It slowed the bird down instantly, and it made a scary croaking sound while trying to shake Jack off. He didn't get anywhere, and decided to give in.

"I'll get you later, you filthy creatures." And with that he dropped me. I fell down, rolling a few metres and into a fairly large bush.

Jack let go immediately and unwillingly rolled over to me, panting and whining. The other three joined us almost instantly, pushing up against the bush and looking horrified. It was silent then, and we all took a second to catch our breaths.

"Is it gone now?" Valery asked in a high pitched voice, with a few tears on her cheeks. She must've lost it completely.

"For now." I said, looking down at my two scarred hands.

"Are you hurt?" Chester looked at me worryingly. I smiled.

"I'll live."

Jack stood up, and roughly inspected the area before shaking his head, "How on earth are we going to find that classroom now?"

Christine sighed, "What does it matter? The door's locked."

"And the only way we're going to get out of here, is to finish the stupid hunt." Chester informed us once again. I nodded, and looked up at Jack.

"We should call it a day. Sleep will strengthen us for the rest of the hunt; we'll read the third clue in the morning." I announced, and looked up at everyone questioningly.

"Where are we going to sleep?" Valery asked, looking at no one specifically.

"We'll just have to make us comfortable in one of the classrooms, I guess." I suggested.

"I'm hungry!" Chester piped in.

"How on earth do you expect to find any source of food in this place?!" Jack shouted, pissed at everyone's stupid remarks, "We'll just spend the night in a room and explore in the morning."

He headed toward a classroom.

We reluctantly stood up from our seats and followed him, being very alert for any form of creature wanting to kidnap us.

It was funny, this sudden fear we had. We were teenagers for goodness' sake! Something like this isn't meant for us to be discovered or even seen. In fact, it is not even supposed to exist!

I looked at Christine. Young, beautiful, stupid, but very well informed. She wandered pointlessly behind Jack, having no better idea of anything herself.

Why must a popular girl like her be stranded in a place like this? In books, this never happened.

People like Jack weren't supposed to be here either. Not even the oh-so-famous Miss Valery.

Not even one of us should!

Entirely disappointed, I sat down on the soft grass that covered the snug classroom's floor. Jack was carefully gathering some logs of wood and Chester was helping him carry it over to an open spot where we were planning on making the fire. I grabbed two smooth, grey stones and started trying to make a spark in the old fashioned way. I handed the papers that were still in my pocket to Valery.

"Guard it with your life. And I'm serious." I glared at her, placing the folded up clues in her hands. Her lip quivered, but she slipped them inside the inside pockets of her jacket.

I was relieved when the spark lit up, and I lit the dry grass that was covering the wood. The atmosphere suddenly became warm, and a homely feeling presented itself.

Everyone started making sort of a bed for the night. I smiled, and just lay back, finding quite a surprise.

"Stars!" I pointed up at the roof. Everyone followed my gaze.

"Stars? Inside? On the roof? How?!" Christine exclaimed, staring at it all in wonder.

"Must be another one of the freaky Mr. Meyer's secrets." Jack came to conclusion, and brought another stack of logs for backup.

"I say, that is one heck of a site." Valery said, and had to agree. It was as if there was no light in the world. You could see various different colours, and the stars were so many, I thought they were all different Milky Ways!

"He's must definitely be a genius, surely." Chester commented, chewing the stem of some little flower.

"But, guys, that awful creature we saw? So not genius!"

I looked over at Christine, "True." I agreed.

"It could've been an experiment gone wrong." Jack suggested.

"Or a guard type of thing, because we're not supposed to be here!" Valery started getting all scared and annoying again.

"Would you stop whining? Why does the second clue lead us to it then?" I started getting quite irritated.

"Hmm… let's read the third clue so long!" Chester shouted, turning the subject.

"No." I simply said.

"Why not? We're all in this team, it's everyone's choice!"

"We'll read it in the morning. Let's sleep first. You must be tired!"

Chester just rolled his eyes and lay down, sighing heavily and closing his eyes, "Maybe this is all just a dream, maybe we'll all just wake up in our beds any moment now."

"Think what you like, I'm gone." And with that Jack lay down his head and snored. Literally.

"Well, good night!" and Valery lay down too, leaving me and Christine gazing at the sky.

"I wish something wonderful happens tomorrow." She wished, and lay down still looking at the stars.

"Weirdly, me too." I said, and I daydreamed myself into real dreamland.

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