One day in Dubois, Idaho, a neighborhood is being ransacked by a lone horseman known to many as the "Troll Rider". Though not well-known, a group of moderator dedicated to the protection of the community known as the "Mods" have fought to keep peace. But unfortunately, due to the unpredictability of the troll rider and lack of decent recruitments of the moderators, the "Mods" have grown increasingly inept over the years since the infamous battle back in 2004 where many competent moderators were slain by the troll rider itself. Although they were able to slightly wound the troll rider that day, but the cost is too great which scared many from joining the "Mods" in fear of getting killed. As a result, the number of mods have dwindled so the standard for recruitment have been relaxed just to bring in new members.

"So that's why many of the members are idiots?" said Matt Seegul who have been recruited just a day before.

"Yes, that's the way it is unfortunately, we had no choice since our numbers are down," said Dave Domingo, the head of the group.

"Anyway why am I assigned to 'Team 43'?"

"We took a look at your track record, you have done an impressive job…even taking down the notorious spammer called Clay B. who was posting those crappy 'Sweet Caroline' lyrics in every message boards he appeared in,"

"But do you think I can stop the troll rider?"

"You have better chance than most of other losers we have right now,"

"Good point I guess…"

Few days later upon arriving at where the battle was fought few years before, Matt begins to feel uneasy. Was it nervousness? After all he is a new recruit but…maybe he's feeling the gloom that many have gone through that fateful day? Either way, he haven't felt this bad since the time his family when out to see a crappy Uwe Boll film. Even now his family weren't able to recover from watching that filth which have traumatized hundreds of thousands of film goers who were stupid enough to waste their money on that piece of garbage.

"Hey you're new recruit we've been hearing about!" said the stranger

"Um…yeah, hi?" said Matt

"Welcome in, my name's Todd Stealy, I was just transferred here last week!"

"How long have you been working for this organization?"

"Past five years since that battle,"

"I see…"

Todd lightly smack him in the head and said "Don't worry rookie, you'll get used to it!"

"Thanks!" said Matt

Suddenly there's an alarm!

Startled, Matt then yelled "What happened?"

"A troll have been spotted! Time to get going!" said Todd

Half of the people in the office arm themselves with glow sticks and were preparing to leave. The leader shows up and said "Okay people, this is your first action in months so don't be afraid, if you die then at least you'll die with honor!"

"It's time I guess," Matt said to himself, unaware of the fact that everyone can hear him

"Can you please stop talking to yourself? You're making everyone uncomfortable!" said the leader

"What?! You have got to be kidding me!"

"John McEnroe called, he want his outburst back," said Todd

"Okay fun's over, let's get going!" said the leader