A troll was busy smashing up someone's car with a pipe for no reason when suddenly a group of moderators came.

"Cease at once!" the leader shouts

"Well, well, well, little mods came to stop me," the troll laughs

"You won't find it funny once we lay a beat down on you!"

The mods all spit up and starts to circle around the troll. Soon they all went at once, attacking the troll with their ban-sticks. The attack however proved to be ineffective as they were quickly thrown back by the troll with relative ease. Soon, the mods went to press the button on their ban-sticks in order to increase the power hoping that the result will be better.

"You think that would work? You little mods are even more pathetic than I thought!" the troll laughs

However, once the powered ban-stick hits the troll, the monster begins to scream in pain. Afterward the troll begins to writhe in pain until it shrinks to the point it resembles a casual bullied high school student who loses his lunch money everyday. What becomes of the troll starts to squirm and said "P-please, don't h-hurt…me…"

"So that's your original form…pathetic!" said Matt

"Most of the trolls are like that, in the inside they're just weak!" said the leader

Soon the troll begins to beg and grovel, "Please let me go, I'm sorry! I'll change, I promise!"

"Okay then, promise that you won't do it again!" said the leader

"I promise!"

Then the troll left while the rest of the moderators stood in silence.

"What the hell did you just do?" said Matt

"What's going on?" said the other

The leader turns and said "I planted the tracking device, he may lead us to the troll rider,"

"I hope you know what you're doing, I did not sign up for this!" said Matt

The leader shrugs and said "There's no need to worry, even if he does comes back we'll take him down, I mean what's the worst that can happen?"


"So you got your ass kicked by those weak mods?" said the troll rider

"I'm sorry, please give me another chance!" said the defeated troll

"No, not only that…you're not even worth executing for failure, get out of my sight!"

The defeated trolls sadly walks away, never to be seen again…