The Perfect Ryan's Next Door


I felt for a wall behind me but there was nothing. It was empty space. I had nowhere to go, no solid base to touch.

I could hear his rapid breathing and the click of a gun being reloaded. The large room was pitch black, which should have been to my advantage but was starting to do the opposite. He would hit me with one of the bullets eventually. I had no escape, and he was determined to shoot for the kill. I could only dodge them for so long.

I've been trying to tell myself that he would run out of ammo. But I knew that by the time his supply was finished, I'd be finished too. Finished as in dead.

The gun was reloaded. He went extremely quiet, trying to pinpoint where I was by the sounds I was making. I held my breath.

"Think of it this way Sophie," his deep grisly voice broke the silence. "He killed my girl, now I kill his. He's gonna pay for his mistake."

I wanted to tell him that he was a sick bastard, but if I spoke then he would know where I was. I clenched my fists at my side tightly and hoped that it would be a painless death.

All of a sudden the darkness lifted and light flooded the room. My adjusted to the light, but I immediately wanted the darkness back again. He was standing ten feet in front of me with the gun aimed directly at my chest. He had the perfect shot.

"Sophie?" A voice followed the sudden light. I looked around the massive room for the voice, and saw Tristan standing the open doorway that was providing the light. His face was contorted in confusion. I'd imagine he was wondering why I was standing in a dark room by myself. But then he was the man with the gun.

I didn't get the chance to scream at him to run the other way.

A deafening boom sounded though the room. Suddenly I was torn to pieces in livid pain. I couldn't find the source -- it was everywhere, firing up and down my body.

Then I heard shouting and the sound of running footsteps. There was another echoing boom of the gun being shot.

I felt another load of pain -- unbelievable, twisted pain. The worst pain I could ever imagine, searing through me like a hundred knives. I dropped to the floor.

Someone was calling my name, pleading.

A pool of red, hot liquid surrounded me. Was that blood? My blood?

Then the world around me went black.

Okay so this is a scene from later on in the story. The next chapter will explain more what this story is about leading up to this scene, I hope that you liked the preface and it wasn't too confusing, but I guess it's supposed to be haha. I'll have chapter one up in a few days if this goes well. Let me know what you think!