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"Here are the apples you wanted Candida" Said Dorothy to her friend.

"Brilliant! Thank you so much Dorothy. Have you got time for a drink?" she replied taking the apples and started walking to her house

"Yes, thank you" she replied and followed her into the house. They walked back out after Candida had put the apples on a table in her kitchen. They sat down on the grass with their drinks and watched there children

"How are Rose and Alice?" Candida asked

"Oh they are fine, how is May and Marian?"

"Oh both good"' they sat in silence for a few moments, sipping their drinks

"Have you heard? Little Kiki is now an orphan. Heddi died last night"

"Oh the poor thing! I wonder what happened to the rest of her family..."

"I don't think we will ever find out now, she and her mother came alone"

"Wah!" Cried a small voice

"Oh dear, Alice has fallen over again!" Dorothy stood up and jogged over to her daughter

"Rose what happened to you sister?"Asked Dorothy to her other daughter

"We were running and she tripped over a twee root" She replied innocently

"Sorry Candida, we have to go" She picked up Alice "Thank you for the drink"

"You're welcome. Good bye Dorothy, bye Rose, good bye Alice"

"Bye bye!" Rose smiled and followed her sister and mother. By now Alice had stopped crying but was still sniffling. Candida watched until they were out of sight and walked back to the house.

"Mama! Papa! Wake up, wake up!" Marian was woken up by the cries of her younger sister, May. She turned from her back to on to her side and prepared herself to go and see her sister. She began to open her eyes, creak. The floor board creaked. Hang on, if May is in mamas and papas bedroom then... Who is in my bedroom? In a split second she rolled off her bed onto the floor. As she sprang up she heard the stranger curse as he struggled to get his dagger out of the bed.

"Who are you, what do you want?" She asked

"Ah, those are two answers you will never know" he grinned evilly and pulled the dagger out of the bed.

"Tell me, or get out" She growled at him

"Now now little girl, is that any way to speak to your elders and betters?" he said mockingly

"No, but it's how I speak to murderers and criminals" she hissed. He started advancing towards her. What he didn't see was Marian reach down and pull something out from under her bed... The last thing the man ever saw and heard was the twang of a bow string and a arrow heading straight into his chest, fired from the bow of a 14 year old girl with brown hair in a plat and ice blue eyes.

"Mama! Papa! Wake up! There are some strange men! Wake up!" May continued frantically shaking her parents. Why wouldn't they wake up?

"Aw, ain't she sweet? Master Fang, do you want to have the privilege of helping her sleep or shall I do it?" Said a man with greasy hair fiddling with a dagger

"You do it Scrag" Said another man who was obviously the leader of the group, not only by the way he held his head but the way he was dressed. Around his neck was a cape of purple silk and instead of the dirty, torn clothes of his followers he wore a smart clean tunic. Scrag walked forward raising his dagger above his head ready to stab the small girl. The next thing he knew, there was an arrow through his hand and he dropped the dagger on the floor.

"Leave her alone and get away from her" Yelled Marian notching another arrow to her bow. The group of men began to back away towards the door

"O.k." said the leader of the group. "We will not lay a finger on you" Marian kept aim on the leader. Confused on why he was giving up so fast. The men left the house and shut the door. Marian heard the shouts from outside

"Block the door! I don't want them to escape! You! More wood! You! Start the fire!" Marian realised what was happening... They were going to burn everything including them.

"Marion, why won't mama and papa wake up? Who were those men?" May asked with her wide blue eyes.

"They were mean men and- and –and mama are in a long sleep that they won't wake up from" Marian answered with tears in her eyes. She climbed up onto her parent's bed and hugged May as the flames liked up the door. The flames advanced on them getting closer and closer, May sensed her older sisters' sacredness and buried her face in Marian's chest. Marian heard voices, is this what happens when you die? She thought, do voices call to you? Just then, the flames seemed to become smaller and weaker.

"In here! They are in here!" Marian heard a voice yell. Dorothy? She thought. May started to cough from the smoke. Then Marian felt strong arms pick her up. The next thing she knew, she was in Dorothy's house in the spare room. And that day, she became an orphan.

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