He He, another story! I've recently tried to find some good shoujo anime/manga but the results were pretty... dissatisfactory. However after watching Kimi ni Todoke (God I love it so much! Best anime ever!), Kare Kano (Dammit I have to finnish it already) and Ultra Cute (Almost finnished reading it!) I had my own idea of a shoujo. This is basically my first atempt at shoujo so please be kind with me!

'Okay I can do it! There's no going back now!' Haruka thought as she continued her work. 'Just a little bit and... OUCH!'

"Ouch!" She let a yell as the wand poked her eye. She let the items in her hand fall down and rubed her eye as footsteps were heard outside the door. A few seconds later the door opened revealling a tall boy with hazel eyes and brown messy hair. His handsome face had a look of surprise as his taned body straighened up and looked at Haruka to see what's wrong with her.

"What are doing?" He asked as she continued to rub her eye stopping when the pain went away. Blushing slighty she answered in a weak voice.

"I... I was trying to... apply mascara..."

"Huh?" He asked as he went squiggly eyed and almost fell over. She blushed even more and a hand over her mouth. How she wanted to hide with that long hair of hers but the only problem was... she didn't have long hair. The bot quickly recovered before he smieked michevously.

"Really? What is the reason?" He asked as she blushed even more before yelling to him.

"N-No reason!"

Miyazawa Haruka. A freshman in Tanichika High School. Brown looks complimented with light grey eyes and a nice tan. Her nice figure made her a very good looking girl and her short hair fit with her face perfectly. One word that could definitaly described her was pretty. However Haruka never had a boyfriend because she lived under only a formula and that formula was 'Me = Tomboy'. Haruka was the definition of this word but it was understandble since she grew up with five brothers as her parents were often on trips. She was the youngest in the family and a girl too making her older brothers being overprotective of her.

Miyazawa Tooru. Haruka's older brother by two years. He is pretty popular in school as the sorccer team captain and because of his boyish looks. He is the most michevous of the sibilngs and loves pranking people however he is extremly protective of his little sister, a trait he shares with the rest of the males in the family. He also goes to Tanichika High School.

Miyazawa Akira. Haruka's brother older with five years. He is already in college and along with the rest of the family a looker. Dark brown hair with dark eyes were a deadly weapon in his arms. He wasn't as taned as Tooru with still it was there. He is the smart one in the family and will become a lawyer once he finishes college. He is often calm and rational but will show agressivity at anything is a treath to his family.

Miyazawa Yahiro. Is Haruka's 23 years old brother. Yahiro was a great artist but the biggest flirt Haruka ever saw. He would never jump a chace to flirt with any women he met and his looks weren't helping either. Brown-reddish hair with dark grey eyes were making women melt at his feet. However as much of a flirt he is Yahiro would never let Haruka had any boyfriends and set in her mind from a young that if you kiss/hug/touch a boy that isn't from your family you will die in seven days straight. Haruka, a young and clueless girl, belived him and such never had any contact with a boy outside her family.

Miyazawa Ichiro. The oldest brother, Ichiro is 25 and engaged. He works at a ramen shop in Nagasaki along with his fiance. He is very friendly and smiles a lot. He is by far the nicest one in the family but like Akira develops a dark side to things he consideres dangerous. He also has the same brownish hair as the rest of the family but it goes for a more blonde shade and along with his grey-black eyes he is also quite a catch. He rarely comes home but when he does he brings lots of suvenirs.

Haruka's life has always been complicated since her brother scared away any potential friend or boyfriend but she didn't see this as a bad thing. She had her family and didn't need anyone else. At least that's what she thought...

It started 3 moths ago... under the cherry blossoms... her first infantuation...

Akimoto Kaito. Prince of Tanichika. The most handsome boy in the school. Member of the school orchestra, playing the violin and piano. With a cool and calm attitudine Kaito was every's girls dream. And Haruka's perfect prince.

She wasn't exactly sure what this feeling was but she was sure it was pretty strong. It was a feeling that made her go red when he was around. That made her heartbeat a little bit faster and left her no words.

'Damn it... what do I do?' Haruka thought as she sat on her back in the bed. She stared at the celling contemplatting on what should she do to catch his attention. It was only a week ago when she found the strange need she had to catch his attention. She ignored it at first but it always poped up in her head. She didn't know what possesed her this afternoon to try make up but she had a suspicion that it had to do with this feeling. She once heard from Yahiro that boys liked girls who wore make up... maybe that's why the reason she tried. But Haruka didn't like him she was just simply infantuated with him. It was normal for her age... right?

Haruka sighed. How she wished her mother was here. Maybe she knew what strange flu she had and find the cure to it. But her mother was hundreds of miles away with her father taking photografs for the magazine they worked at.

Glass Kiss was one of the most popular magazine among young girls. It had fashion and love advice, a page for help and sugestions, a topic of forgein lifestyles, fashion and places and a weekly horoscope. Her parents, Michiko and Takashi, were the ones who worked on the forgein topic. Her mother would write articles and her dad would take pictures. Of course they would have to travel along the world a lot but they always came back for holidays and vacantions. They were very kind and loving and the whole family would have a great time at the gatterings.

She sighed again at took the magazine that lay on the desk next to her. It was Glass Kiss. She would always get a copy of the magazine from her mother however she never paid attention to them only now. Skipping the page with fasdhion, love and forgein things she opened to the horoscope page. Looking for her sign she checked her horoscope for tomorrow.

Leo: If you don't exert a little old-fashioned forget-me-not discipline on yourself, you could end up feeling like an octopus who can't remember which arm he's holding his glasses with. That is: confused!

Haruka raised an eyebrow. What would that mean? Trying to find the answer to her question Haruka could feel her head boilling. Grunting she trew the magazine away before rolling on the other side and closing her eyes.

'This a load of bull.' Was her last thought as she sliped away in dramland. However she couldn't get out of her that the horoscope was right of one thing. She was truly confused.

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