Hello once again!! Another chapter who is mostly filler and you get to meet Akimoto Kaito for the first time!! Also remember that the story is basically a manga in words so... enjoy!!

'Why do I want his attention so much?' Miyazawa Haruka wondered once again as she played with her pencil. It was four days ago that the mascara incident happened and her brother still wouldn't let it down. He was starting to get suspicious that it was about a boy. He couldn't be more far from the truth, however none were avare of this.

Haruka would usually spend all day thinking about this. It was a nagging feeling she couldn't escape. It was like her body waited patiently for her to come to the already obivous conclusion. But if it was so obivous why couldn't she see it? It was annoying her to no end that she couldn't find the answer she seeked. She was sure it was puppy love. You know, the kind of infantuation you get when seeing something or someone cute.

'Yeah, that must be.' She thought noding to herself. 'But somehow it doesn't seem right...' One thing that could definitaly describe Haruka now was confused. She needed advice. But from who?


"Hm... let's see... 'Puppy love'... I guess..." Haruka mussed to herself as she typed the words in the school's computer. After she pressed enter she entered the first page who apperead and whispered softly as she read.

"A serious and deadly psychological disorder. When an unfortunate person is inflicted with 'puppy love', their brain will quickly deteriorate. With what brain cells they have left, they focus on a particular person, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend or just a crush, and forget about anyone else. It is a leading cause of broken friendships and heartbreak."Haruka gulped slowly as she continued to read.

" 'Puppy love' can be easily spotted. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to:"

-Total and complete obsession with the object of this "puppy love"
-Sudden disinterest in friends, family, and hobbies
-When the inflicted uses words such as "it's love!" and "going to get married" and "live happily ever after"
-Relationships that move through the different levels at an alarmingly fast rate.

"Well it's true that he often pops out in my head out of no where and I become kind of spaicy but I don't recall the last two... Maybe it's only on the first stage?" She mused aloud with her pointer finger on her chin as she looked upwards. Sighing she continued the reading. "Is there a cure for it? Ah here!"

" 'Puppy love", having been completely ignored by psychologists around the globe, has reached the state of an epidemic. No one is safe from it, and once a person has been contaminated, there is no hope. The only thing that can be done is to sit down and wait for it to take it's course. Very few survivors of this disorder are ever the way they used to be." As she finished reading Haruka's jaw droped before she went into full panic mode. Her whole body started shaking as she desperatky thought 'Oh no! Yahiro-niisan was right! I'm gonna die! But I don't wanna die!!' Putting her hands on her head she quickly fleed from the room leaving all her belongings there. People looked after her with sweatdrops hangging over their heads. They were quite surprised by her panic attack. Only one person ignored the young girl's exit as they approached the computer she used. The page was still open and the person could see what made Haruka so scared. They smirked as they read the content.

"Such a guidible girl..."


'I think I'm safe enough here.' Haruka thought as she put her hands on her knees paiting loudly. She ran from the school grounds and was at the corner of the street before she even realised it. It was getting dark outside as the sun settled down It was already 5 o'clock and all clubs were mostly done with their activities.

'It seems clubs are over.' She remarked as the bell rung letting the students know they were allowed to go home. They all exited the school grounds laughing and joking with their friends making Haruka flich a bit. She never had a real friend before and wasn't much of a social person. However she didn't mind. She was better on her own.

'I should also head home.' Haruka thought until she remembered something. She left her bag in the library next to the computer! Jogging Haruka made her way to school as she knew some students would be still in school for club activities or maybe tutoring. Not a single person was on the stairs as she run up them. It was so quiet that it made her think it was haunted.

'Nobody seems to be here...' Haruka noted as she pecked her head in the library. It was quite dark inside but she could still made out the desk and rafts. Entering the room she walked around trying to remember where she sat as she hoped nobody took her bag. 'Where could I-' Her train of thoughts was suddenly stoped as she looked at the person in front of her.

The way the sun shined on his black hair made it look silky and the way his blue eyes sparkled made Haruka blush red as a tomato. He was standing there, in front of her, with that cute smile... and her bag!

"This is your bag I suppose." Akimoto Kaito said as he raised the bag in front of Haruka, smilling and waiting for her to take it. She started to raise her hand and reach for the bag before she suddenly stoped remembering the warning she read on the computer. "No one is safe from it, and once a person has been contaminated, there is no hope. The only thing that can be done is to sit down and wait for it to take it's course. Very few survivors of this disorder are ever the way they used to be. "

'There is no hope but... falling in...' She thought as gulped. Her brothers words echoed in her mind as the warning was still fresh. Still blushing Haruka looked up only to see Kaito smilling at her, it had a deadly effect on her. 'If the only hope if falling in... then... that's what I will do...' And so with new found confidence she grabed her bag as her hand slighty brushed Kaito's. He only smiled at her as soon too she did the same thing.


"Eh, it seems quite interesting..." A person muttered as she watched Haruka and Kaito interact. Soon the person smirked. 'I've been waiting for something excitting to happen... and I think I found what.'


Haruka sighed contently as she droped on her bed. Just thinking at the events that happened today made her heart fly for some reason. However she couldn't care less for the reason. She loved this feeling, the feeling of being on top of the world. Of supreme content. Just then a image of him made it's way in her mind. Akimoto Kaito was surely something. She smiled again at the thought of him as she rolled on her stomach. Looking on her nightstand she saw Glass Kiss standing there.

Taking the magazine she began she explore it until she reached the horoscope page. Bitting her lip she read her love horoscope. What was written there made her smile as she reasted her head on her arms, enjoying the feeling of content that enveloped her completly.

Leo:It may not look like progress, but you do tend to trust your sense of forward motion. When it comes to tenderness, there's definitely more in your life now — that means that you're on the right path.

About the definition: it's not mine. I just found it on urban dictionary and just couldn't resist!! It's the most funniest definition of puppy love I ever read! Anyway, stay tuned for next chapter where we meet Chika-chan! Also Shouta-kun will appear a little bit later in the story.