Hitler Downfall Parody YouTube

Parody Episode 5: Hitler Gets Back at Hitler Youth who Prankcalled Him

Note: this is the one where the general guy hands Hitler the phone and Hitler talks on it and gets all mad and stuff)

(Hitler walks into the room and rudely points at the men in there)

Hitler: "Since my thumb's broken, did you dial the number for me yet?"

General: "Yes, mein führer, I did,"

Hitler: "Then give me the phone, you #$%! I want to speak to your son!"

General: "But Hitler, I can assure you he learned him lesson! And he still has his issues!"

Hitler: "Let me deal with this mess!"

(snatches phone from general)

Hitler: "Hey, you, naughty little brat!"

Hitler Youth: "What do you want now, mein führer?"

Hitler: "I want to know why you prankcalled me, you idiot!"

Hitler Youth: "Uh…Because I felt like it?"

Hitler: (muttering) "Naughty little Hitler Youth,"

Hitler Youth: (angrily) "Hey, I'm not little,"

Hitler: "And how do I know you're not lying?"

Hitler Youth: "I saw you get your pants caught in the elevator the other day. I will never forget the delicious ripping sound those pants made when they ripped,"

(Hitler slams down phone)

Hitler: (FURIOUS) "General, you need to send your son to etiquette school. I swear I will open an etiquette school for the Hitler Youth if I'm not too busy invading the world. Young people today!"

General: "Eh, Hitler, my son's very hyper, that's why he's off the wall,"

Hitler: "Stop feeding him sugar by the bagfull then!"