Rejoice for the Risen


Shout! Shout!

Shout out and sing!

Rejoice in the glory

Of our powerful King!

This Easter reminds: our sins are forgiven

By a Father who once died for His children

Faithful, protecting, and forever above

He keeps us all wrapped in His divine love

In Him we encourage our small hearts to grow

With love and respect, these small seeds we do sow

Blooming into beautiful images of Him

Regardless of language, color, or skin

Thank God for His mercy and blessings of love

And always remember the Lord up above

He's risen today! The angels do trumpet,

Our Savior, our Lord, is here now among us!

He gave us a light to show us His Way

And on this unique, spectacular day

He shared His love for all to see

That Jesus IS RISEN! It's a great day, indeed!