Greek Gods And Goddesses Poetry Project.

Alright, here we go. First up, Chaos. Hopefully, you like it!



Before time itself,

Before order or

The existence of any creature,

Thought or beating heart.

A spinning, black

Mass of silence.

It was chaos, without noise, fear or war.

Lips pressed

Together, no words said.

But Chaos existed without these things.

Quite the contradiction, but

Nevertheless, it was simply

There, for an immeasurable amount of time.

Chaos was running free,

Laughing, Rejoicing in the

Disorder, but he grew sad when he realized that

There was nobody to witness it.

The darkness swirled and condensed.

Out of this mass

Hatched Eros, Nyx, Erebus, Gaia and Tartarus.

The void was now filled with material things:

Desire, Night, Darkness, Earth and an Abyss.

They needed a way of life, an objective,

A purpose.

Order was formed from this need,

Much to the fury of Chaos.

But these needs were undeniable;

Chaos was chased away.

But, still live in fear, because

Chaos still waits, listens, and watches

For moments when material ideas and thoughts;

Logic and Reasoning


To exist.

Chaos reigns for a moment, when everything else seems


And he revels in it.


Author's Note:

As you could probably tell, Chaos was the Greek God of Disorder and Conduct. He was the first thing to exist, when nothing else existed. It's very similar to other creation-myths, where something appeared out of nothing. :)

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