Crimson Covenant


"You're engaging in a dangerously permanent deal. Only one form of payment will suffice. You understand, of course?" the mischievous, mocking voice taunted through the darkness. I could hear that horrible smile as she spoke.

I nodded, unsure if she could even see my answer.

"For her," I whispered back.

A short release of air through her nose signaled her amusement. It was, to say the least, a short laugh that echoed through the black abyss.

"Then, it is as you wish. May the depths of hell have mercy on your soul… should you make it there," she replied with a dark chuckle. "We have ourselves a deal, Monsieur."

I glared into the darkness hoping to catch a glimpse of my new companion… or rather, shadow.

"So, how does this work? What happens now? Do I-" I choked off mid-sentence as a searing pain shot through my body, starting in my heart and radiating all throughout, from my fingertips to my toes.

I gripped the front of my shirt, falling to my knees in agony. My teeth ground together, biting back a tormented scream. My throat and lungs constricted tightly, making each breath add to my discomfort.

"Very noble of you… but in this very moment, it makes no difference whether you cry or not," she mused, hot breath brushing against my ear. "Let it out. Swallow your silly, masculine pride and whimper like the child you truly are – such a pure soul."

"No!" I snarled back, planting my left hand on the ground in front of me for support.

I felt something press against the center of my back. After only a moment's pause, pressure was applied to it, forcing it down through my chest with one swift move. The yell I'd desperately been trying to suppress, escaped in an instant. The sound of my flesh tearing, crimson liquid spewing from the wound and leaking onto the floor flooded my ears.

"And with blood, it's done," she let out another dark snicker. "I can already tell this will be a rather entertaining ordeal, my darling."

NOTE: This is a prologue to a story that I got inspired to write and just couldn't get off my mind until I started to jot some of it down. Unfortunately, my main priority is my other story, Trigger, so chances are I probably won't update this as often. Still, I'd love to know what your first general impression of the main idea is (whether it sounds interesting, boring, cliche, etc.) and I guess, what you think the main idea is, considering this is an extremely brief prologue.

RATING: It's currently marked as being rated T but once I get further into it, it'll probably get switched to M for course language, violence, possible sex, etc. I haven't decided yet.

But enough of my rambling. Review/message me thoughts. Thanks for reading :)