THE CITY AND: Technology


Plumbing is present, but rare. The only sewers run beneath the Court, and from there back through the Coffin and the Cage to come out over the cliff, disposing of the nobles' waste in the most efficient manner available.

In lieu of that, for the rest of the city, there is the river. It enters the city alongside the road and is quickly shattered, diverted through myriad canals until only a sliver of the original body of the water remains in its ditch.

In this way it circulates through all six sections of the city, providing water within relatively easy access to all. Admittedly, the water that reaches the Coffin has already been used by the Court, and when the river rejoins itself shortly after the branches reach the Cage it is little better than swampwater, and when it tumbles at last over the cliff it's like putting it out of its misery, but it does the job.


Transportation within the City is almost exclusively on foot. The royal family keep horses in the Court and usually travel in ornate carriages, and nobles sometimes go on horseback if they have far to go, but in reality the furthest they have to go is into the Cathedral. For the wealthy but ignoble there are human-drawn carriages. For everyone else... that's what they have feet for.

Outside of the City, horses and wagons are the rule, or, of course, walking.


The primary weapons are blade variants, from simple daggers owned by the poor to swords and pikes specialized in by guards to the custom and often creative blades used in the Coffin. Nets and blunt weapons are also used. For range, there are thrown daggers or other blades designed (usually in the Coffin) for that purpose, but range weapons rarely have any use in the City, especially in the Coffin where weapons are used most. Foreign weapons are occasionally introduced.


Clothing varies by station and, more, by section.

Citadel: Loose, airy, and almost transparent unisex robes in the warmer months, furs and rich materials in the colder. Women's garments tend to be more highly decorated than men's with gems and embroidery.

Coffer: Colorful and outlandish outfits, sometimes entirely inappropriate to the season, engineered toward getting attention. Expensive cloths and jewelry – or ones that look more expensive than they are – are the rule.

Crib: Rough, utilitarian working clothes, usually darker colored to hide the dirt and stains, often home made or bought from the inexpensive workshops in the section. Men often have rough leggings and shirts and the women functional dresses, while younger children are usually naked.

Cathedral: Dress varies by the god, and can range from the nude to the elegant to the functional to the outlandish.

Coffin: The opposite of the Coffer; dark colored, form-fitting, generally unisex, made specifically for the stealth and speed and ease of movement that make the inhabitants' lives that much easier.

Cage: Unknown.