THE CITY AND: Vital Info


The City is built on the edge of a high plateau, the ground below lost in the distance. No one really remembers why this is anymore, but there was probably a good reason when it was done centuries ago. The entire City is surrounded by a high, inscalable wall, and every section within is also separated from the others by an extension of it, though the great doors are usually flung wide and the walls are no barrier to movement within. In general, the walls are well-maintained, even though there have been no enemies to be defended against in generations.


The climate is fairly temperate, in that it can reach any extreme. The winter months are characterized by freezing cold, biting wind, and moderate snowfall. The summer can be sweltering and often dry, going several months without more than a few inches of rainfall. The spring and autumn months are easily the most unpredictable, usually with heavy downpours or skies that threaten for days on end without delivering anything.


The royalty are in a general state of ignorant bliss. The officials are in a state of corruption, the masses in a state of poverty, the criminals a state of prosperity, and the hated magic-users in a state of eternal imprisonment.


Most citizens are barely aware of the world outside their walls, certainly not beyond the smaller towns and outlying farms that fall under the rule of the City. Outsiders are a relative rarity, as they're far removed from any trading route; the most common visitors are traders, minstrels, refugees, or those who got lost in the wilderness and were somehow drawn there. The merchants within the city pay large sums to transport luxuries often years out of date, and in turn charge exorbitant sums to the citizens who buy them. Traveling bards are rare and highly-paid entertainment. The only real influx of population seems to be criminals and exiles running from the authorities.


The populace of the city is, in general, very open-minded. Xenophobia is all but unknown, and outsiders are welcomed for the diversion they present, the goods and stories they bring with them, and the addition to the population that they usually are. Foreign gods are not hated but absorbed. Even the foreign criminals find themselves a home in the Coffin. The only universal exception is the introduction of foreign magic, which is heavily punished with imprisonment and exile, and repeated offenses by death, and not tolerated. There are exceptions, of course, because every individual has his or her own opinions and prejudices.

THE CITY AND: its Sections

Citadel - the main gates to the city open here, where the nobles and royalty live, dominated by a shining white palace

Coffer - market section, mostly open-air bazaar with wealthier and more expensive stores in buildings, nearer the walls. Banks are also centered here. The most wealthy and affluent citizens live in this section as well

Crib - the largest part of the city, most of the people live there - the "middle" class, honest poor people, above the criminals and below the merchants and nobles

Cathedral - city's religious center, with temples to all of the main religions - a pantheon of gods (followed by the masses), a monotheistic religion (followed generally by the affluent), and the largest temple, to the religion mostly followed only by royalty, Pegasus worship.

Coffin - the center of the city, the oldest buildings that have been abandoned as the city expanded. Very little legal business happens here. The domain of the criminals. New shoddy construction lives alongside ancient ruins, and both are equally inhabited and equally dangerous.

Cage - the back of the city, pressed against the sheer plateau. All the entrances into and out of the wall have been boarded and masoned over. The magic-users live there, sealed there long ago as an alternative to genocide; there is supposed to be no escape, but sometimes the magicians still appear to trouble the honest folks of the City, somehow.