A/N Sorry in advance for bad spelling,grammer etc. Also the story is cliche and unoriginal-you were warned :)

Backwards Isn't Quite So Straightforward

Some days you just know the world is laughing at you.

When you wake up to the disturbing image of your older brother in a fluffy pink bunny outfit your fate is sealed. Even more disturbing is when you realise, at some point, through the blur of waking that said brother appears much more feminine than you remember.

"When I told you to grow a pair, this isn't quite what I meant" I managed to croak from the depths of my duvet.

The hot pink bunny head bobbles up and down confusingly and the hypnotic movement makes my eyes droop again.

"Wha-? Oh! HEY!" yelled my bunny brother as my comment sinks in and he realised he was holding two large Easter eggs to his chest (the same hot pink as his new fashion statement) "Mature, sis, real mature"

Sniggering, I buried myself deeper into my covers.

"I'm just glad you've finally come out of the closet. When are you and Valerie getting hitched?" My voice is a mutter but my brother still heard. His Easter eggs dropped to the floor.

An enraged war cry is the only warning I have before six foot of furious fur collapsed onto me and begins pounding me through the snugly covers I had previously been sleeping in. I should have expected that reaction when I mentioned my brother's best friend, the pair were practically joined at the hip and mention of their secret love always set them off. (Okay so they hadn't admitted to that secret love but everyone assumed it was there)

"Stop" I cried indignantly as my brother continued prodding me with his fat furry fingers.

"Happy Easter, Jenna" my bunny brother, also known as Duncan, snaps maliciously before giving me one last shove and getting up. I muttered something incoherent.

"C'mon Jenna! Get UP!" Duncan practically screams in my ear.

Moaning I literally threw myself from the bed and onto the floor which I had forgotten in all the drama was made of wood. Very hard wood. A grunt is all that escaped my lips before the world started laughing again.

"Ouch!" calls a mocking and all too familiar voice from the doorway.

See what I mean? I can practically feel the universe quaking with laughter in its metaphorical boots. I bet the universe would have really cool boots too.

From my sprawl on the floor I looked up at the newcomer. Valerie! Or as he is more commonly known, Valerian Miller, my brother's best friend and bane of my existence. Well, maybe not quite so dramatic...he can be annoying.

Like now for instance. Oh Hysterical World!

"Smooth move, Davies" he smirked down at me from his six foot.

I cringed at the use of my last name and attempted to glare through my mop of red hair which had fallen across my face.

"Are you going to stand around giggling, Valerie or are you going to help me up?" my voice sounded snappish even to me and I see crocodiles swimming before me. Snappish always makes me think of crocodiles or turtles but I have no idea why.

Valerie took this moment to pull a camera out of his back pocket and snapped a shot of me in my thin top and skimpy shorts as I glowered up at him from the hard wooden floor of my bedroom.

"So, my brother is wearing a pink bunny suit, a hot pink fluffy bunny suit and you take a picture of me?"

"So many blackmail opportunities, so little time" he said with an annoying shrug.

Today was so not my day.

When I finally dragged myself into some clothes (proper clothes-definitely no rabbit costumes) the clock was suspiciously close to reaching 12.00 and my brother and his friends appeared to have hopped away. At least I hoped they had. Did I mention today was not my day?

Crawling into the kitchen I peered around. My eyes land greedily on a plate of steaming pancakes. Reaching out for the pancakes which are lying around mysteriously on my kitchen counter it came as more than a shock when I find myself flying through the air. My first thought was: Oh My God! I'm being abducted.

No it wasn't aliens. There was only one alien and in my opinion he was very rude. Deprived of pancakes and hovering in mid-air my logical brain decided my best choice was to scream.


My swing through the air stopped abruptly and I looked down realising two strong hands were clasped tightly around my waist. They were also shaking quite badly. I wondered how heavy I was to cause such strain. I wasn't vain but I wasn't fat, I was in fact quite slim but I was also quite tall. It was as I wondered this I heard a raspy noise behind me. Turning my head granted me the pleasant sight of Valerian Miller, again.

"Valerie!" my indignant yelp seemed to awaken the alien from his hysterical laughing.

He put me down and I turned to face him. Being five foot eight I was still shorter than his annoying six foot and my eyes were about level with the bottom of his jaw which I noticed was still shaking with laughter.

"Pancake-less ninja?" a deep voice queried and I spotted my bunny, Duncan sat on the kitchen counter.

"He was trying to keep me from my pancakes so I would have been pancake-less"

"Of course" Duncan said rolling his eyes.

"Hey! I'm not the one dressed as a hot pink bunny. Um, why are you dressed like that again?"

"Easter" he said simply as if that explains everything.

"Of course now I remember all those hot bunny pictures of you from every Easter" my voice is dripping with sarcasm and Duncan rolled his eyes again.

"Mum and Dad are on a business trip so we have the Easter charity collection round this year"


Duncan grinned and nods "Me, Rian and You"

(In case you are confused Rian is what my brother and his friends call Valerian)

A groan slipped out before I could stop it. Seriously Universe, couldn't you find someone else to laugh at. They had better not be expecting me to dress up like an idiot (Duncan).

"I feel so loved" Rian teased with that tell tale smirk.

Looking back at him I noticed for the first time that his hands were still around my waist. Surprised my gaze flicked over him. At school he is what my best friends call swoon worthy. Personally the word swoon just sounds funny. It is like a cross between a swan and a spoon and that would just look weird. Still I understand what they mean.

Six foot of lightly toned muscles added to chocolate coloured hair and unnaturally dark brown eyes equals Valerian Miller. This all added up to me believing he was gay even more. My friends were beginning to agree when they realised they had never seen him with any girls (apart from me).

Smirking I leaned against Valerian. He looked down at me startled and as I hugged him I snatched the camera from his back pocket and flashed a picture of my brother in his bunny outfit. When I showed my friends this they would have no choice but to agree that my brother and Valerian were having a secret love affair.

Rian laughed as my shocked brother toppled off the counter. I took another shot. My brother got up glowering.

"Let's go!" he growled. It was strange seeing a bunny growl. I took another picture. Duncan roared. Flash. Screaming he stormed from the room. Flash.

Rian and I laughed as we followed him from the room.

It had been a torturous couple of hours as the three of us trudged from house to house explaining the charity campaign for young children my parents had set up and offering brochures and collecting money but eventually it came to an end. The three of us ended up back where we had started. No not my bedroom (freaks). We ended up in my kitchen slouched around the table having just stuffed our faces with macaroni cheese.

"I am going to change" my brother finally muttered rolling out of his seat and literally crawling out the kitchen door. His white tail stuck up in the air proudly and I snickered behind my hand.

Rian and I sat quietly for a moment. Then he turned to look at me intently and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Then realising this was my chance I peered at him from beneath a raised brow. He was still looking at me intently.

"Are you gay?" I spluttered out.

Rian shot up and squeaked. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. Then he glared at me.

"What? Why would you think that?"

"You're wearing designer jeans" I said looking down at the dark denim which was ripped and faded in all the right places.

Rian glanced down and smirked.

"No I'm not Jenna" he said simply.

"Oh!" apparently it was now my turn to squeak.

"Anything else?" he asked amused.

"Well you don't date girls, you spend all of your time around me and my brother and your hair always looks like it has been purposefully ruffled"

"I'm not gay" Rian laughed but it sounded slightly bitter to my ear. Then suddenly he stepped forwards and pinned me between him and the table.

"Do you want me to show you?" he whispered into my ear.

His breath tickled my neck and I shivered. For a minute we were engaged in an intense staring battle before I burst out laughing and tossed my water over his head. He blinked in surprise.

"Why did you do that?" he spluttered confused.

"You looked like you were thirsty" I said innocently (So maybe I had been trying to avoid the awkward situation-maybe).

"Well, I must say you looked fairly parched too" he said darkly and before I knew it the whole container of ice cold water which had been on the table was upended over me.

Sopping wet, annoyed and trapped I did the only thing I could think of and tackled Rian to the ground pounding him with my fist.

"You ass!" I cried as I continued to pound him.

"You started it "he snapped clearly annoyed and wrestled my arms to my side rolling so that it was now him straddling me. His dark eyes bored into me.

Then before I knew what was happening his lips crashed down on mine. Unconsciously my arms slid around his neck and he leaned down pulling me closer. Then abruptly as it had begun the kiss ended and we sat staring at each other again. Panting heavily and soaking wet is how Duncan found us a split second later.

His eyes roamed the scene and he laughed.

"Dudes I was gone for like two minutes and you end up in a fight" then he laughed again "I'm guessing Rian won, huh Jenna?"

Rian stood up and left quickly muttering some lame excuse. I remained on the floor.

"Yeah" I whisper "I guess he did win"

When you look backwards do you ever realise that thing aren't quite so straightforward. When I looked backwards I saw Rian, annoying best friend of my brother choosing to spend time with me over everyone else. Always there if I needed him and definitely not gay. Then I saw every annoying conversation I had ever had with him and realised it was probably the most fun I had with anyone.

So as I looked back at my totally un-straightforward relationship I decided today the world really was laughing at me.

I thought that right up until my window shattered as a small round pebble shot through it with force and whacked my arm painfully. Cursing loudly I ran to my window and opened it up, stone in hand. Rian was standing below me looking relieved and guilty.

"You ass!" I snapped and threw the stone with great precision at his head. He toppled backwards and I cursed myself. Not bothering to wake anyone I ran straight out the front door and towards the unconscious (or at least I thought he was) Rian.

I knelt beside him and peered at his forehead. There didn't appear to be any sign of where the stone had hit him. In fact the stone appeared to have disappeared. Although there was a strange dent in the mailbox behind Rian that I had never seen before.

"Rian" I whispered before speaking louder "Rian! Rian! Are you okay? Because I am going to kill you if you are dead"

His eyes snapped open and he grinned "So you do care"

I rolled my eyes and dropped his head back to the ground. Unfazed his smirk grew and he jumped to his feet and wrapped strong arms around my waist to prevent me from leaving.

"Of course I care, you ass"

He pulled me closer "Really? And when did you figure that out"

"When you looked backwards things don't seem quite so straightforward"

"Hmmm" he muttered "I can believe that"

"What about you? How long have you cared about me?"

He smirked "Who said I care?"

"You ass!" I whispered.

"You like saying that don't you"

I hit his arm and threw my arms around his neck pulling him down towards me. Our lips met and I smiled happily.

Now who's laughing, world.