Chapter 1-

I'm not exactly your average teenager. While other girls my age are shopping at the mall, I'm learning how to kill a vampire. My life used to be normal. I used to have a life, if you could call it that. I would get up go to school and then hang out with friends afterwards, but that all changed years ago.

My mom always told me I was special, that I was unlike anyone else, but I mean come on, isn't that just something all adults tell there children. She was right though, I'm not like anyone else. I can do things others could only dream, and I enjoy it too. Sure it's gets me into trouble, sure I have to move all the time because of my dad's line of work, and sure I'm not like other teens, but I like what I do. I save lives, I help people. It's a tough life, but I'll live.

My name is Isis Stratford, and this is my story.