It's always been the eight of us. Akira was the one that I hung out with the most. She was the one that everyone could always trust and no matter what she was there for us. Kailey was the spaz out of all of us, but we loved her anyway. She knew how to make thingsā€¦ entertaining. Kaela was the brains of the operations. She was always the master- mind of what we did.

Anastasia was the one that was popular with the guys. She was known to always have a boy chasing after her. Krystal was the same way only she was manly friends with them more so than being adored by them.

Alexis was the girl who always had a plan. She didn't know how it would end at first but it was always a good one. Then there was Jacenia. She was the newest one in our group. She was fun and spontaneous so she fit in with us easily, and she never let us down on anything.

Lastly, there was me, Samara or Sami. I guess you could say that I'm the protective one. If my friends are in danger you can guarantee that I will find a way to save them. That's how I've always been and that's how I will always be.

We have been together since freshman year. Well Akira and I have known each other since elementary school and we've been inseparable ever since, but our whole group didn't come together until the beginning of high school.

We always said that we were going to be friends forever, not even college would keep us apart. Well, apparently forever ended a lot faster than any of us ever expected.

Suddenly our world changed over night. Everyone eighteen and older completely vanished. We were scared and lost; we had no idea of what to do. Then some people decided to step up to the plate to keep us all in line. These people could do things, unimaginable things, and that's why the got to rule. Although, they weren't necessarily the best rulers this planet has ever seen. They tried to capture everyone who ever didn't have special powers like them. They locked them into prisons and used them as servants.

Some of them were able to get away from it all, but others weren't as lucky. Some didn't even make it out of this nightmare alive. It turned out that those who didn't have powers were considered weak. They were the lowest of the low and didn't deserve to live in the same society as the others people who did have powers.

In the end, some of the nicest people turned out to be the people you had to fear the most.