September 23, 1918

Dear Michael,

I am so delighted to get your last letter. Every letter of yours, every letter that spills out of your hand is warm and precious like every kiss you deliver to my lips. I miss those so much… Oh, and your love. Oh, I wish you back soon… We were so quickly separated after our wedding… I just wish it didn't have to be. I wanted so badly to have a child, but alas that will have to wait.

It's gone through so much change back here in America, the development of jobs and all. I am just very interested to find out that some women work today…, Since I really don't have to… since, We have enough wealth to last… though, I might think of working just to kill some time… Oh my dear Mike don't be upset. You chose to Serve the army after all, even though you didn't have to. Sometimes I wish you would have had gone to school and just forget heroism.

The work is so dangerous though. You were overseas all along dear and didn't experience it. You probably hear the end of it, about how we are mass producing weapons to fight this war. Some of this work is hours upon hours of factory work in factories producing more and more explosives. Shelves upon shelves of shells. We hear and you probably do to of people blowing up and tragedy strikes. It's all sad.

Then there is the women's rights… It's noble of them, but, it's frightening to such a women like me. You know, I am happy enough to serve you and submit. I don't care about this movement. Women, I am sure You've heard have started rallying for more rights. I want them, but I am so good with my old ways. I want to change it but I don't. I know you would like the progress dear, since I remember you like the beginnings of it all…

I know you weren't too happy with it all, but the Blacks still aren't too supportive with the war… they still want us to stop fighting and withdraw troops. I know, it's unsettling dear. Since you are so much for the American style of life and heroism. I don't like it either, dear.

The level against the war is still so high… there is hate speech about how Wilson is evil for launching in to war and how evil the rest of the world is for starting it. There is not a moment to spare when there's no quarreling about if we should be in the war. Of course, I support you, and the soldiers efforts, I always did dear. I justn't don't like this hate speech it's very saddening and it really makes think how wrong in the head they must have to be to be able to say all these horible things


Your Wife And Biggest Admirer

Carmen Juliet

Rachel Ng

February 1, 2010

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