I nearly cursed at the sunshine that sneeked its way through my blinds. Of course, landing right on my closed and peaceful eyes. Now, wide awake, I sat up and pushed the blankets off my my legs.

Napping must come to an end at some point.

As I made for the kitchen I peeked out the windows. The sun sinking, already. Which means I've slept in..

I jumped at the sound of the doorknob wobbling, loudly and feircly behind me. I ran around the corner, and held the door shut with my weight. I looked up and felt relieved when I saw that the door was locked.

"Who is it?" I say loudly, trying my hardest to sound strong and big. I rolled my eyes, and abandoned my attempt.

"A robber. Now open the door, Juni." I couldn't hide the smile that slid on my face.

I opened the door, and considered Jay who stood in my doorway. Dressed in fitted jeans and a fitted navy blue shirt.

His usually wear.

"Pleasure. I've never met a robber." I said innocently and grinned. He walked passed me and made his way to the couch that faced away from the door.

I watched him leap over it, grab for the controller and switched the huge black telivison on. I closed the door and pressed my back against it . I rubbed my eye.

"What time is it?"

He swings around to face me. "Six-ish. Why?"

"Napped." I said.

I meet his gaze. And drop it just as fast. His eyes have always been hard to grasp. Just seconds of looking at him made me lose thought. As deep of a blue as an ocean. With a noticeably red inner rimming, similar to rust. There was something about eyes, that always made my heart sink. It was always the first feature I noticed on someone.

He was attractive, small built with a shy smile. And those eyes kept him verging on handsome to gorgeous.

And he knew it. He was cockier then many of the boys I've met, which isn't many. But that was fine, he has and always will be my friend. More like a brother. Conjoined at the hip since four, he knew me better then the back of his head. He smiled and patted the cushion beside him.

"Sit, sit, Juni." He said cooley.

I slid my way to the couch. I grabbed the controller out of his hand, and flicked off the T.V. I pulled up my feet onto the couch. Knees to my chin, I looked at him.

"Lets go."

"Where?" He asked, eyes still locked on the blank screen.

"Park? Usual spot."

He considered me. "Your not dressed."

I smiled. "Well. Then hold tight."

I rose from the couch and headed to my room. I walked into the doorway and sighed.

The floor was piled with clothes.

I grabbed the first jeans and sweater I saw off the floor and pulled it on. Over my tan torso, went my black baseball sweatshirt, though I wasn't a fan of the sport.

I was happy, if anything, that I was naturally tan. Watching those who fled to the tanning beds, I felt lucky. but that was the only semi-beautiful thing of me. My boring light tawny eyes and even lighter hair to match it. My small, stick like frame. Built for a boy, and not a 16 year old girl.

I pushed my hair back with my fingers, combing it out as I stalked around the room looking for socks.

"Could you hurry it up?" Jay shouted.

"On it!" I shouted back as I grabbed my socks and shoes and fled out.

I grabbed my elbows and shivered, glaring at the white breath that left my mouth. "Its Sunny. Our first sunny day this whole winter, and its ruined by the cold."

Jay laughed lightly. "I'm not cold." was all he said.

I looked up at him, much taller then me, and studied his face. His eyes were studying a sight, and a smile twitched at his flawless lips. I made a bee line and followed his gaze.

Of course, I thought, and a smile played on my lips as well.

"Sara." I exclaimed as we closed in on our friend from school.

She was probably my only close girl friend I had. It would be easier to talk to her, if she wasn't so much older then me.

"Juni." She said as she reached her arms and hugged me. "And Jay, long time no see." She said as she hugged him as well. "you're looking handsome, as usual." She pointed out.

"Of course," Jay said and shrugged. "Kind of the obvious, don't you think? For someone as smart as you, I thought you would be able to point something out, that not all of us already knew."

Sara was a nice young lady. always polite. But that was the least of it. She was perfect.

Not the ordinary, everyday perfect. I mean perfect.

She had straight A's, everyone loved her, and she beautiful. Strikingly beautiful. Her long wavy blonde hair made her dark eyes stand out like an orange on an apple tree.

She ignored Jay's response and turned to me.

"Where are you two headed?" she asked, hands on hips, her smile dazzling.

"Park, usual spot." Right next to the woods, I thought. The place Jay and I met, many years ago. And ever since then, we couldn't stop going.

She nodded. "I'd love to join, but I'm about to head home. I want to finish up the extra credit before i procrastinate too much longer."

Extra Credit, like she needed it.

"Okay," I replied. "I'll call you later."

"Definitely. We should hang out before school starts again. Winter break wont last forever." She batted her long eyelashes and giggled.

"Okay, maybe go to Rosie's or something." I smiled. "Bye."

And she walked off.

I peered up at the sky and sighed. It was just beginning to darken.

"Do you think we could see the sun setting if we climbed a tree?" I said to Jay, who lay beside me on the grass.

"Probably. But you can see it just fine right here,"

I looked over at him. "Lets climb." I whinned.

I sat up, wiped the dirt off me, and lended a hand to help Jay up.

As he rose, I headed toward the oak tree, perfect for climbing. Here, is where I am able to capture the best of my pictures. I wished I brought my camera today.

I put one foot on a branch, and began to climb.

I was half way up the tree when an ear peircing whistle sounded. I nearly lost my grasp of the tree, and tumbled down. I looked down at Jay who was staring at me, mirroring my expression of alarm. Sitting at the ridge of the woods, no one was nearby.

"Who-" I began but was stopped by the same whistle. Then another one on the heels of the last. Then, the whole sky seemed to be filled with whistles, all sounding at the same time. Jay put his hands to his ears, as I mimicked him. It lasted for what seemed hours.

Then, silence.

Jay was staring off into the woods. He was tense- I was able to tell by the ridgedness of his shoulders. We took our hands from our ears, and breathed.

"Jay..." I said slowly.

"What the hell was that?" he said in a hushed tone.

I turned to the woods, peered in, and caught a glispe of movement. I gasped, and it darted from another tree, producing another movement. No one has entered the woods in years. Not since the bear attack last two years ago. I started at the sight of another blur of movement.

"Uh, Jay. I think I have an idea."

The sky was already becoming a shaded blue, as the orange sinked beneath the horizon.

Dang it, I missed the sunset. When I caught this wise guy, I'd let him know that.

It was darker in the woods, but I barely noticed as I ran past tree and tree, chasing the glimpse of movement that caught my eye repeatedly. I couldn't tell if Jay was running after me or not, but I thought I could hear someone shout my name.

All that mattered, was that I kept my eyes open and followed the blurs that darted deeper into the woods. As the the trees began to thin, I noticed how out of breath I was, and how impulsive it was of me to run deep into the woods, following something I wasn't even sure existed. But that didn't stop me. I ran, forcing my feet infront of each other following the movement.

I couldnt make sense of it, but I had to follow it. Like, I was drawn to it.

Suddenly, it stopped, no more blurs of lights to follow. I screeched to a halt, and looked around me cautiously.


I swallowed. "Hello?" I whispered.

"Salutations," someone whispered back.

My eyes went wide and then I remembered Jay, following me into the woods. I smiled and turned around.

"Jay-" but he wasn't there.

He wasn't even in eyesight.

I jumped back around at lightening speed, and let out a shaky breath.

"Juni, is it? Pretty name." The male voice called out from above.

I looked up and peered into the tree tops, but there was nothing.

How did he--it, know my name?I breathed slowly.

"Who are you?" I was able to choke out.

"Oh, no matter. We will soon again, i'm sure. I would hope so anyways." He paused. "But you should leave now."

"Not until I know who you are." I said as strongly as I could manage. The sky was a dark blue now.

"Juni," he spoke softly now, like a father talking to a baby. All arrogance left his voice. "Juni, please. Go home. Your father is worried about you, and the darkness is about to set in. Creatures come out at night and-"

I turned. I turned, and began to walk back to the opening of the woods I could barely see.

"Juss remember," he shouted as I walked away. "that I exist. Alright? Promise me that, Juni."

But I kept walking numbly.

When I reached the park again, the tempature dropped and, as the boy in the woods predicted, darkness has settled in. Jay caught my eye the second I entered the flat land and his eyes bugged.

"What were you thinking?" he shouted at me. This line of his, was not uncommon. "I ran, and I couldn't find you! You were gone, just like that. And then it became dark and-"

"Lets go home, then." I said simply. He considered me then. Looked me up and down and suddenly I felt naked. "Its getting darker. You can stare at me another time." He smiled at that, and I took to his side as we made our way home.

"So why did you run into the woods like a maniac?" he asked me as we rounded the corner, and left the park and onto the sidewalk. Leaving the woods more behind us each step. The air was simple, crisp and cold.

"I- I thought I saw something." I told him.

"Saw something?" He exclaimed.

"Yeah. But I guess it was nothing." I thought again of the voice that asked me to go home. I shivered.

"Are you cold still?" Jay asked me.

"Uhm, yeah. I just need to get home." I told him. "Dads gonna be furious."

"Me too. My moms probably gonna kill me. But when she hears about the weird whistling thing-"

I stopped, and turned to him. "How about we don't tell anyone about what happen?" I don't want us babbling this until- until I spoke to the boy again. I wanted to figure this out.

Just remember I exist alright? He told me. What did he mean by that? I shivered again.

"Why?" Jay asked, pulling me out of thought. We began to walk again.

"Lets just keep it between us. Like an inside joke. Or a secret."

He smirked. "Whatever you say Juni. Your a crazy one, you know that?"

Again I thought of the boys voice, the truth and reality that he exsisted, that I was chasing something- someone.

"Not entirely." I replied.