I wanna be bad
You make that look so good
I got things on my mind
I never thought I would
I, I wanna be bad (bad)
You make bad feel so good
I'm losing all my cool
I'm about to break the rules
I, I wanna be …

I hit my alarm and looked up at the clock out of habit. Of course it was 7:00, the time I set my clock to. I groaned, got out of bed and stretched: it's my everyday morning routine. I looked in my closet for something comfortable. My instincts were telling me that today would be long, so I picked out a large comfy brown and pink sweatshirt and a pear of ripped, fit jeans. I slipped on my flat boots and went downstairs for breakfast.

Mom was already downstairs cooking, what it looked like, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.


"Morning, Mommy." I smiled and sat down on the island in the kitchen. She flipped the bacon on the skillet and turned around to look at me. She had morning hair, yet a smile on her face. She's been happier since she's been dating Bryan Youngblood, some hot-shot guy she met at work. They are now planning on getting married. Therefore my mom is happy.

Mom put down the spatula, "Morning, honey, just so you know," she paused, looking wary for a second, "I need you to come home early today for a family dinner."

I've never understood what mom meant by 'family dinner' because its only the two of us living here in this gi-normous mansion. Dad left with the dog, who died, about three years ago. But still, I don't call only two family members meeting together a 'family dinner'. A family dinner requires three or more.

"Alright mom," I bit into my toast, grabbed the keys to my beautiful car, a convertible BMW, and walked out. The luscious sounds of Jay Sean filled my ears, when I started my car and drove down the street, I live really close to the school, so the song was still playing when I got to the parking lot, I pressed back on my Ipod so the song would start over, and I sang along.

I've been

About you
And how we used to be then. Yeah
Back when
It didn't have to end
We can start again.
There's nothing left to say.
Don't waste another day.
Its just you and me tongiht,
Everything will be okay.
If its alright with you,
Then its alright with me.
Baby lets take this time,
Lets make new memories.
Do you remember?

My phone vibrated.

"Hello?" I sang.

"You're drawing a lot of attention to yourself." One of my best friends, Macy spoke in a wild tone. I looked around; sure enough people were watching me. So I slowly turned down my stereo, and unplugged my Ipod.

"Thanks!" I laughed, "Well, atleast I sing like an angel!" I joked.

"Close to it," Macy muttered under her breath, but I don't think it was meant for me to hear.

"Hey," I unbuckled my seat belt, and stepped out of the car, "I'll meet you at your locker."
"Mmkay! Peace!" And she hung up the phone.

My parking spot is in front of the school, and when I say my parking spot, I mean my parking spot, as if someone put 'This here parking spot belongs only to Christina, and Christina only!' Nobody ever takes my spot, not even Damien, my sworn enemy.

Walking up the steps through the hallways to Macy's locker was like parting the waters, everybody moves aside and watches, it gives me a sense of power.

"Hey, Chrissy!" Sarah, my other best friend greeted me at Macy's locker.

"Sarah, girl whatsup!" I hugged her and then Macy as she closed her locker and joined us on our walk to class. Sarah has really pretty dark brown wavy hair with bangs cut to her eyes that are beautiful grey eyes. Completely contrasting her, Macy has red hair and brown eyes. I on the other hand, have golden brown hair and brown eyes.

We walked, or more of, strutted down the hallway. Together we're like the supreme's of Amarangale High School. You mess with us, we'll mess with you.

We departed towards our different classes, I have World History with Mr. Campbell first period. Talk about boring. I was late, again, but who gives a shit?

"Morning, Ms. Wilson, glad you can join us." Mr. Campbell blatantly called out my name, not caring about how I would feel about being called out in class.

I sat down in my seat and gave Mr. Campbell a seductive smile. "Glad I can grace you with my presence."

Someone behind me snorted.

Mr. Campbell rolled his eyes and continued with the lesson about the Australian Aborigines or something, and I turned around to see who was sitting behind me today.

"Grace us with your presence? Really, I think your presence is tormenting." Damien looked at me, his eyes piercing as usual.

"Well, I'm alright as long as I'm tormenting you." I snapped back, swiveling back around in my seat.

I felt air on my neck, steady breathing, I shivered, "The more you, quote, 'torment' me, the less chance you have of getting me."

I turned back around in the chair, "What makes you think I want you?" I said it a little bit too loud.

"Mr. Youngblood, Ms. Wilson, is there anything you would like to tell us?" Mr. Campbell stopped his lesson, and the class turned to look at us.

"No." Damien answered.

I, however, decided to try and get him in trouble, "Yes, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Youngblood here is being a nuisance, and I was telling him to leave me alone."

Mr. Campbell nodded his head, "I see, well, both of you go to the principal's office because you are being a nuisance to my class!"

Whoops! That didn't turn out right. Both Damien and I stood for our seats, and left the classroom, stares boring on our backs as we walked out.

"God! Your mouth has to be so damn big!" Damien crossed his arms.

He looked cute when he was pouting.

Umm, just kidding… kinda.

"Oh, please, don't be such a baby." I told him. He groaned.

I have never minded going to the principal's office, Mr. Dumbledore is hot… No, I'm kidding, his name is Mr. Adams. I'm not kidding about the hot thing though. He's like one of those gorgeous 30 year old movie stars, he's like Brad Pitt, but he's not just a fantasy that you dream about meeting.

We arrived at the office just after the bell rang for our second period class.

Mr. Adams looked up from whatever work he was doing when we trotted into his office and sat down in the swirly chairs. We've been in his office so many times, I wouldn't be surprised if we were on a first name basis now.

"What did you two do now?" Mr. Adams asked in a bored, yet attractive tone.

Oh, so sexy.

Damien spoke first, "Christina, here came into class late so I…"

I cut him off, "Ladies first, Damien, you should know that!" I gave him a light slap on the shoulder.

Mr. Adams nodded, "Yeah, let Christina go first."

Haha! I get everything!

"Well, you see, I came into school late this morning because my mom held me up late to talk to me about some 'family dinner' or something," Damien rolled his eyes, he probably know that I got to school early enough to get to class on time. "Anyway, when I came into class, I sat down and Damien started criticizing me about my presence, he said it was 'tormenting' him." I held up my fingers and did little air quotes. "I thought that comment of his was really rude, so I turned around to make him apologize when Mr. Campbell made us come here."

Mr. Adam's nodded, "I see."

The late bell rung.

"Well, You kids should get going to class, Damien, you have a detention for interrupting the class."

"Bu—" Damien began, but was cut off again, by me.

I smiled a big smile, "Thank you, do you think you can give me a late pass?"

Mr. Adams smiled at me too and handed me a late pass.

"Can I have a late pass too?" Damien asked.

"No, now go to class." Mr. Adams opened up his laptop again and began working. Damien groaned and stormed out in front of me so he could get to class. I slowly walked to class, I had a late pass, so I could be as late as I wanted.

The next two periods were boring, and Damien was no longer speaking to me, therefore making my day better. Lunch, I sat with Sarah, Macy, and couple other jocks and cheerleaders. I fall into neither the categories jocks nor cheerleaders, I'm just known for my looks, great dance moves, and the ability to punch like a guy. Both Sarah and Macy are cheerleaders.

"So, babe, what was up with you and Damien today?" Sarah asked leaning forward so she could hear the details.

I only shrugged, "Oh, nothing new. We fought, got in trouble, and were sent to Mr. Adam's office. Big Whoop! Go crazy!" I added for sarcastic affect with jazz hands. (from Bring it On)

Sarah rolled her eyes, "I swear, you and Damien fight like you're an old married couple sometimes."

Macy nodded her head too, "Yeah, you guys sound like my parents sometimes, and they love each other still."

Ugh, I hate it when they goes there. "And I swear that I'm friends with a bunch of old hags that can't seem to remember that I hate Damien!"

"Whatever." Macy shrugged, then she lightened up as if remembering something, "Oh yeah! Jace asked me out tonight!"

Thank God, she's changing the subject!

"Oh my Edward Cullen! That is so amazing!" Sarah hit the table with wide eyes. "Okay, give me details, what happened, word for word, was Jace nervous when he asked you?"

From then on, the table conversation was about Macy and Jace. By the way, Jace is the star lacrosse and football player on the team. Yeah, he's hot, but I don't really like him, he seems too, I don't know, perfect. Flaws in a guy are hot.

The rest of the day droned on and on, and I couldn't wait for it to end. I had been thinking about mom's 'family dinner' she only calls our dinners together that when something big will happen. The last 'family dinner' we had was when dad had called and said that our dog died. And the 'family dinner' before that was about dad and mom getting divorced. So that only meant that the 'family dinner' tonight would be something big. School finally ended, and I drove home, exhausted from the long day.

"I'm home!" I sang as I entered through the threshold.

Mom appeared down the staircases wearing a really pretty long formal blue dress. "Honey! What do you think of my dress for tonight?"

"Mom! Its gorgeous," It was gorgeous. What in hell was going on tonight?

Mom smiled, "I sat down a dress I want you to wear for tonight on your bed."

Ooh! A new dress! "Okay!" I smiled and raised my eyebrows right before bounding to the stairs, up to my room. On my bed laid a short, black strapless dress with a black leather belt along the middle. Ooh, sexy! "Thanks Mom!" I called downstairs. I think I heard a 'mmh' or some response from my mom before going into my bathroom and putting the dress on. It looked good, which made me only wonder more what was going on tonight.

"Chrissy! Come downstairs, I have to tell you something!" Mom called me.

"Coming!" I slipped on some heels that matched with the dress and went downstairs, and stood in front of my mother.

"Chrissy, as you know, Mr. Youngblood and I plan on getting married soon."

Mom, just finish what you have to say… Come on! Don't make me wait!

"Well, he and his son will be moving in this weekend!" Mom smiled.

What? Well, atleast our house is humongous. Plus, Mr. Youngblood's son cant be too old, I mean, look at Mr. Youngblood himself, he looks like he could be 23!

"Oh look! They're here!" Mom turned around to face the window where car lights appeared, and a silver Porche pulled up into our driveway, behind my BMW and Mom's Avalanche. Mom ran up to the door and opened it as Mr. Youngblood walked in.

"Hello, Christina!," Then he turned around, "Son, get out of the car!" Then he turned to mom, "He just got his license, and he wants to stay in the car to drive around." He explained.


He can drive?

Oh shit, that means that the son is probably my age, I'm 17.

Then I saw a boy come into the house. He was gorgeous.

That's what I thought until I realized who he was.

"Christina, are you alright," smiled Damien, at the front door.