"Hey, aren't you Christina Youngblood?" The young receptionist asked. She could've only been in highschool, and she wasn't the normal girl at the front.

I smiled at the sliver band around my ring finger before looking back up at her. We'd gotten married two months after he proposed… we weren't patient enough to wait. Three years later I still was used to the last name Youngblood… it sounded like someone in the mafia's name or something.

"Yes I am. I'm here to pick up Chris, he's in fourth grade, Laurie in preK3 and Pete is in daycare."

She squealed. "I know! I read about them online when I got the job! I heard you'd probably come and pick them up or Damien!" I was going to stop her, but she had more to say, "Your husband is my idol. Ohmygod! Can I take a photo? My friends are never going to believe this!"

The girl patted down the desk until she found her disposable camera and she held it up.

I internally rolled my eyes. This was the downside to being married to Damien.

"Um, I read somewhere that the flashes and the waves from cameras are bad for pregnant women." I rested my hands on my very large stomach.

She paused. "Is that true?"

I nodded somberly "Very true."

"Oh, well maybe after you have your baby, which will be soon since you got pregnant roughly around seven and a half months ago." Oh my god! "You'll come back to pick up the kids and we'll take a picture then. No big deal!But, tell me, is Damien Youngblood a good kisser? I mean, I see him do it in all of his movies, but you can't be sure. I once spotted him biting an apple at one of the local cafes. You can always tell if a guy is a good kisser by the way he bites apples." Shut up little girl. "I'm pretty sure he's like the hottest guy, like, ever. I mean, he way he flips—"

"Listen, I just want my kids."

Her eyes widened, "Right, you said fourth grade, preK3 and daycare?" I nodded,

Finally, she set me free so I could go and pick up the kids. I wasn't even supposed to be driving, but I was still small enough to fit between the seat and the wheel.

I didn't have much of a choice anyway. Natalie and Blake moved to Seattle. Both Macy and Jace were working, so I was picking up Chris, and Damien was off doing something that I didn't know… this whole past week he'd been off doing unknown things. So, that left me to pick up the kids.

I held Peter in my arms as we walked to the parking lot arm in arm, Laurie, the three year old was linked onto me and Chris was linked onto my other side where I was carrying Peter.

"And so I threw all of my goldfish on her so she would leave me alone!"

"That is a really interesting story Chris." I said, opening the car and buckling Peter into his seat first and then putting Laurie in her booster seat. Chris climbed to his spot in between and fastened himself.

"All of my stories are interesting!"

"Let's not get too big headed Chris."

"Big head! Big head!" Laurie laughed and poked Chris's blond hair.

"Hey!" Chris swatted her.

I waved my hand in the back to get them to stop when my phone started ringing a familiar Britney Spears song.


"Chrissy?" The sexiest voice I'd ever know answered the phone. Although we'd been together for a while, my insides still froze for a second when I heard it… or it might have been the pregnancy hormones. Despite the swooning, he sounded mad.

"Yes Sweetums?"

"Where are you?"

"I just picked up the kids."

I could picture him frowning on the other side of the line. "You aren't supposed to drive or pick up things!"

"Well I'm fine!"


"You weren't at home and it was time to go and get them! What was I supposed to do?"


"You know I don't like sitting around."

"Yeah, I know." He sighed, "Sorry, it's just that when I got home you weren't here and I got worried and I don't want anything to happen to you or the baby."

I softened, "Yeah, I understand. Sorry for worrying you."

"You should be."


"Just saying."

I groaned, "Whatever. I love you!"

"Love you too."

I hung up the phone and silently cursed myself for not asking him his whereabouts. I wouldn't have had to pick up the kids if he were at home.

I always dropped Chris off first since Macy was always home by the time I got to their house, or at least her mom.

Today however was different. Macy was at home in her pajamas. Why was I picking up her kid if she was sleeping in?

"Christina! Hey, thanks for getting Chris! I was thinking, maybe Laurie and Pete could stay here for the night. You know, a slumber party!"

I blinked at her.

Chris threw his backpack on the ground, "I don't want to have a slumber party with a bunch of little kids! Slumber parties are for girls!"

Macy's smile fell, "Chris go to your room, this is a conversation between the adults."

Mumbling something, Chris dragged his bag through the hall to his room.

"What's going on?"

"Well, I borrowed a pair of Pete's pajamas and a pair of Laurie's pajamas so that we could reconnect with each other, and you could have a child free night! After you have that third baby you won't get any sleep for a year." She reminded me. She brought up a good point.

"Should I be suspicious?"

Macy put her hands on her hip, "Christina, when someone offers to babysit your kids free of charge for a night, I suggest you take it… not that the free of charge thing matters, because if you want to pay me, I'm fine with that."

"Do you need money? Because I've got too much floating around, you could just ask."

"Christina! This isn't about me needing money! I want to take care of your kids, let me do it!"

Carefully I set Peter on the ground. He could stand; he was one years old.

"Um, okay?"

"Finally. Now go home." She sighed, taking Laurie and Peter by their hands.

"Are you sure about—"

"Christina go home."

"Um, okay. Thanks."

I was more than weary when I drove into the lot. Was there something going on? If there was, I was completely confused and out of the loop.

But I realized exactly what was going on as I opened the front door to my house. The lights were dim due to candlelight being the only light and there were lily flowers anointing the ground… I was allergic to roses. It was our engaged-iversary (yes, my own word). We celebrated both when we got and engaged and our wedding anniversary, because both days were so memorable.

Did I forget? Whoops.

I felt a presence behind me as someone slid off my jacket and placed a soft kiss below my ear.

"Damien," I turned around smiling, "Thanks."

"Did you get me anything?"

My smile dropped, "Um, yes."

His beautiful smile appeared, "I was kidding. I can see right through you. I know you forgot."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Nuh uh."

"Okay so what did you get me?" He was still smiling, seeing straight through my bluff.

I put my chin up, "Myself."

Damien laughed. "Best," he kissed me, "Present," another kiss, "Ever," and then he pulled me into his arms and slowly massaged his my lips with his own, thoroughly. His tongue opened my mouth an explored then our tongues intertwined together. Eventually though, unfortunately, we had to pull back for air and he pressed a solitary kiss on my neck.

"We don't want you to lose your appetite," and then he added, "It's bad for the baby."

I clapped my hands together, "Okay then, what's for dinner?"

He pulled me into the dining room where the plates were already served, and I was already satisfied by simply looking at the food.

On my plate was the most delicious, most delectable, most scrumptious looking Baconator with a side of mustard and watermelon.

Don't judge me I'm pregnant.

We sat down and dug in, but I couldn't help but ask, "Hey, what did you get to eat?"

He held up his box of food, "I grabbed myself some Panda Express."


"That's me." He winked.

I took a piece of mustard covered watermelon and chewed slowly, "So you could've told me once this week that you were preparing for tonight."

"That would've ruined the surprise."

I shrugged, "You knew that I was going to forget, so if you wanted something on time…"

"Christina, if I wanted something, I would just ask you, but you know I could just buy anything that I want." I frowned. "That's why I don't want you buying anything for me, I don't need it. The only things I want from you are yourself and our kids." His hand rested on the kicking child in my stomach. She picked the perfect times to kick in, didn't she?

"So you don't get frustrated when I buy you sucky gifts on Christmas."

"No, it's to be expected. Everybody knows you suck at buying gifts."

I took a watermelon seed from my mouth, "Thanks a lot."

He grinned, "Your welcome. I just want you to understand that your inability to give good gifts is not what defines you. It's you that defines you, and I love that."

I blushed, thankful for the dim light. "I love you too, most of the time. You suck at giving compliments."

He gave me bed eyes… uh oh.

"You're beautiful, and amazing, and the best woman I've ever met, and the sexiest woman I've ever met, and if I weren't worried that you'd have that baby at any moment, I'd take you upstairs right now."

I was sure the light couldn't hide my blushing any longer, "Damien! The baby can hear you! We don't want her repeating this!"

Damien bent down, raised my shirt, and kissed my stomach, "Sorry, baby girl." And then he raised up and kissed me on the mouth, pulled back and made a strange face, "You taste like watermelon, mustard, and bacon."

I grinned, "You love me for it!"

"I sure do."


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