Fuck you

And all you say

You don't know me

Get the fuck away

Take your bible

Take your prayers

Take them to

Someone who cares

You tell me

What I do is wrong

Is it impossible for you?

To just get along

Have you heard of discrimination?

Cause you seem to support

You take the facts

And you try and distort

You made the comment

Their parents aren't gay

That doesn't mean

Their kids won't be someday

Don't try and understand

What you put us through

Take your stupid bible

Go sit upon your pew

And just try and pretend

You are better than me

But I don't judge people

And of bigotry I'm free

How dare you make a comment

That I may go to hell

Just here me when I say

Your opinion I dispel

Don't think for just a second

That what you say is right

And don't believe in any way

You gave me any insight

I am gay and proud of it

You bible has no say

And stop with all the hatred

That you are trying to inveigh