I'm the girl that told her parents

Mom and dad I'm gay

Now I sleep on the streets

Because I have no where to stay

I'm the boy that doesn't talk

Because I'm scared someone will know

That I am gay and different

And hatred they will show

I'm the girl that hides in bed

With her lover all day long

Because when I go in public

Everyone calls it wrong

I'm the boy that was walking

With my lover

When someone came and spit on us

Because of how we differ

I'm the girl that lies in the ground

Because I couldn't take it

They made my life a living hell

Because I was gay I did admit

I'm the one that died all alone

With my lover at the door

They wouldn't let her in

Because our marriage was impure

I'm the one that has a boyfriend

When I really like a girl

But everyone would laugh at me

If the true me was to unfurl

Were the ones that died and hide?

Because you can't just forget

All the hatred that you feel

Because we may be different