Your hatred it disgusts me

Your bigotry's out of date

Haven't you heard lately?

That people shouldn't hate

It's my choice to love a woman

How dare you judge me

Cause I would never judge you

If every night you're on your knees

I would never judge you

If you coveted, lied or stole

God forgives all sins

Or at least that's what I'm told

So take your opinions

And shove them up your ass

Cause no one wants to hear them

Because facts I know they lack

Jesus didn't write the bible

A man did after his death

But just because it says things

Gives you no right to oppress

Oppress me of my rights

To have my partner at my side

What if I was really sick?

And somehow I did die

Could you really live with your self?

Knowing you denied

That person there last chance

To see them before they died

Because that is what you're doing

With your pity and childish hate

That is what you're doing

When our marriage you debate

So stop all of this foolishness

Grow up and see

No one cares about you bible

And we will appreciate it greatly