leave your reasons on the bathroom sink.
smudged words written in lipstick and tears,
go away, go away, don't leave.

slashes covering that porcelain in red
regret seeping from veins
in slides coveted morphine

shoving poison around
lacing vital organs
take over me

blackness shining from precious orbs
darkness strangles a soul
forgiveness is still merely a middle name

am i losing my mind
water waiting to drown
behind locked doors

these feelings
can mental numbness be replace
by physical agony?

tonight the answers will be discovered
divide beings from living and dead
what remains is empty shells

a heart that beats
lungs that fill
a mind that thinks

i'm somebody else
the organs fill for someone else
the being in front of the mirror

no more is she, no more is he
a shell, a remnant, a blank canvas
i don't matter today.