This might be the last chappie. At least if Idon't get any feedback that people wants it to continue or wants an epilogue.... I've run a bit out of ideas X)

I felt warm hands circling my waist. When I turned, I collided with Brian's chest. He was smiling down at me, hair cutely ruffled. I burrowed closer, blushing as I thought back to yesterday and what happened. He laughed and dragged me so that I rested on his chest in between his legs. I giggled and let him kiss the top of my head.

"Thank God, it's still Saturday, eh?"

I laughed and pecked his jaw, silently agreeing. I could've dealt with it being Sunday, but if it had been a Monday, I would've skipped school. My bottom hurt and probably would for at least today. It was totally worth it, though. Brian chuckled from above and cuddled me closer. He could be really sweet sometimes.

We jumped apart when we heard a knock at the door. Brian's mom peeked in, and I could tell we were all glad that I and Brian were covered by the comforter. My lover, it still sounds weird in my head, pouted at his mom, waiting for her to say her piece and leave.

"Just wanted to say that breakfast's ready, and that next time you should really do it in your room and not the living room."

I blushed and I heard Brian growl. When I looked up, I could see that he was just as embarrassed as me. Rita just laughed and sauntered out of the room.

"I swear, she just has to show up at stupid moments to embarrass me!"

I laughed and started to get out of bed, wincing slightly. Brian smiled goofily and helped me to the bathroom. He had to help me with the most of dressing, but I could honestly say I liked being pampered. And it seemed like Brian liked pampering me. I kissed him in thanks as he helped me into the kitchen to sit by the table.

"So, what are we going to do today?"

I shrugged, not really knowing what I wanted to do. Brian grinned and let his mom feed us before dragging me into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, he pulled me into his lap, cuddling me.


Monday rolled around, and I wanted to groan when I heard the alarm clock go off. Brian stretched over me and turned it off, groggily getting up. I sighed as I decided to join him in the bathroom and padded after him. I really didn't want to get up yet, but it wasn't worth skipping if Brian wasn't home. I had really come to depend quite a bit on him.

Brian was still sleepy when he pulled out of the parking lot and started to drive to school.

Jayton was waiting with Chris outside the school gates. The last mentioned blushed as the jock had his arm firmly placed around his waist, and many girls sent the former geek, though still a bit of a nerd, glares. His boyfriend was seemingly indifferent, but by the way Brian smirked, it was clear that if it went on for much longer, Jayton would snap. He was really protective of his lover. It was cute to watch the two interact. But then again, Chris had said the exact thing to me about me and Brian…

Brian and Jayton fell into a conversation about some match coming up, and I tuned them out on the way to my locker. Fortunately, it wasn't too long until graduation. And then we would be free until college. To be honest, I hadn't really thought much about which college to try to get in at, but I had found I really liked writing and drawing, so I guessed I would try a college that had either or both lines. I didn't have very much money, however, so I would probably try for a scholarship. Had to talk to Brian about it first, though.

After that, the day was pretty ordinary. A few snide comments from some of the students, some support from others, and no problems with the teachers. At least if I don't count the guy that tried to harass me when a teacher walked past. Poor guy. Brian wanted to kill him, though. I think I like it when he's overprotective.

We met Patrick in the football field after school. The team had to train for the upcoming match and neither Chris nor I wanted to go around alone to wait for them, so we came to watch. None of us had any clue about football, only what our respective boyfriends had told us. What surprised me was the small, dark skinned and dark haired girl that sat beside Pat. He had told us he fancied someone, and from the look in his eyes, this was that someone. They looked good together, even if Patrick was very tall and muscular and the girl was small and thin. They were like complete opposites but still looked good together.

He looked up as we neared and blushed as the girl commented on something. Brian and Jayton automatically poked fun at him. Chris and I sat down beside the girl. She seemed nice, but I still let Chris sit closest to her, without him noticing.

She giggled at Patrick's red face when Jayton had said his piece in their little discussion. Pat seemed to be defending himself against the two others. Soon, all three of us 'bottoms' were rolling around below the bench laughing hysterically.

"Aw, come on! Colleen!"

Patrick whined as he got free from Jayton's wrestling grip as said jock was too busy staring at his laughing lover. We must have looked like complete idiots where we rolled around. Pat's girlfriend winked at us as she kissed his cheek before running to catch her bus.

Brian went over to me and pulled me up. I sat down beside Chris to watch as they finally started practicing. I had never been much of a sports guy, but even I had to admit it looked pretty fascinating and I could understand why Brian loved playing it so much. Not that I could try it. I was far too slim and girly to play, and I was content with watching Brian's smiling face as he ran back and forth on the field.


That night, Brian held me like he had ever since we became lovers. I was spooned to his body, and he was draped half over me. It was comforting to feel his weight, because then I knew he was there. And he was all mine, the one that saved me.