I am the product of the times….

I'm a youth who

Doesn't give a fucking shit

About Politics or what

People in Washington are doing

I am jaded on

Almost all the causes out there

I couldn't care less what happens

I feel like all what people fight about

Is not my fight at all

I'd rather, to quote Blind Melon

"Watch the puddles gather rain"

I want to keep to myself and

Mind my own beeswax

But it seems no one else can

It seems like everyone

Has to fight and get

Overexcited over every little

Goddamned fucking thing

Sometimes I want to scream

I go into solitude in the mountains


One can only take so much bullshit

Before they go insane

So you know what?

I say fuck them all

I don't care

Nothing I say is taken

Seriously, only as a

"Youth Speak Up"

Segment on CNN

That some blow heart

Will rant on how it's

Wrong a few days later

So, you know what?

Fuck it

Fuck them all

I'm minding my own beeswax,

And so should everyone

All the bullshit

Jaded a fighter from causes

So you know what?

Maybe all the bullshit

And fighting

And bipartisanship

And mass media spin

Is making our youth

Not care anymore

All I know is it is

Why I don't give a shit

About what happens


Fuck it.

I'm going to write a chapter

To a story

And TRY to keep at peace

With myself at least.