Author's Note: This story was first published here under the name of The Dog Princess, and Forever to the Last. However, I have decided to begin editing the story, and plot to make it more to my liking. The main story line is the same.


Standing somewhere between the realms of love and reality, I couldn't help but wonder how I'd really gotten there to begin with. The beginning of it all didn't really have a clear beginning, it didn't have a real journey, it was a mix of fate maybe, a feeling of hopelessness at an important moment. Trying to understand my own feelings was hopeless, it was so impossible that even when I cleared my head of all other thoughts, I couldn't understand myself. Is there really that much of a line between good and bad?

People had been known to call me a hero, to see me as someone good and whole. But these people have never looked inside me; they didn't know what my soul was really like. I was broken, more broken behind belief but they could never see it. They would just look at me to know how to pull them out of the hole like I had always done. They didn't realize exactly how much I had changed.

The heat of battle and hatred raged among me and then looking straight ahead I could see her, the only soul left that I knew had a worse heart then I did. Taking a step forward, all fear left my heart, all heartache was turned cold in hatred as I tried to push the anger down and failed at that once again. How could I have ever believed that I wasn't a demon? How could I think there was any patience in me, any good quality? I was born to be a monster, like the vampires who were destroying us, like their leader whose name I always tried not to remember.

Some of them watched me go, they didn't know, they can never know anything about what it was all about in the end. They didn't know that I believed what none of them wanted to believe. But I was done hiding my feelings; I was done hiding everything that once I had had a reason to hide. All I knew was that if our world was going to have a chance, then I would have to sacrifice myself. How ironic it is, that they would all die to save me but in the end I had to die to save them.