Not only my second story on fictionpress, but my second story using my signature character Victoria (the other one being on fanfiction) and my first story with a rating higher than T. And no this was not inspired by Stripperella (if anyone remembers that cartoon), as I would like to think that this story is a little more intelligent and darker.

Author's note: this story is not at all connected with Kamen Rider Destiny from fanfiction, for those who know of that story.

Disclaimer: the songs that play in the background are not mine, everything else is.


It was night time in the streets of Dusk City. At this time of night, the peaceful light was replaced by a dangerous darkness, and the people were affected. Everywhere people were mugged, women were raped, and stores were robbed.

One woman was walking out of a club. The streets were empty, and were so quiet that the sound of her high heels could be heard all through the streets of Dusk. She passed by two thugs leaning on a car talking. Upon seeing the sexy vixen they stopped their conversation and went to stalk her.

She felt them behind her, and in her fear walked faster, only to have the men pick up the pace in suit. This unfortunately attracted the attention of one more man, who was in front of her. Knowing that she was in trouble, she turned around, shocked to see the two men from before right behind her.

One man grabbed her by the wrist, and pulled her close, kissing range actually. She broke away, but was horrified to see that she was unfortunately surrounded. They threw her down on the ground, and held her there as they proceeded to rip off all of her clothing.

Thankfully her screams didn't go unheard, for one person was standing on the roof of a tall skyscraper waiting for such an event. It was a woman actually, who was both sexy and dangerous looking. She had long, gray hair that fell to her waist and had a lot of volume, sharp red eyes that looked demonic, big, beautiful lips, and a killer body. On her face she was wearing purple eyeshadow, and dark red lipstick. Her outfit actually looked like a long black gown from behind, but in front the gown actually exposed her extremely large bosom, and had a large split that showed off her long, defined legs which were wearing fishnet stockings. She had on long black gloves,black stiletto high heels, and a beautiful necklace with a golden chain and red gemstone.. This was the city's guardian angel, who stalked the night to slake her hunger.

They called her the Black Widow.

Upon hearing the scream, she fell down from the building she was standing on. Halfway down she sprouted black angel wings on her back, and flew in the direction of the scream.

By now, the men were on top of the helpless woman, two of them were holding her down, while the third one proceeded to remove her clothing. She was now topless, and the man was about to pull her skirt down, making her scream even louder.

Right before he could pull past her panties though, a black feather flew past his face cutting his cheek. He jumped back, catching the attention of the other two men. As he held his hand to his face he looked up and saw the Black Widow sexily walking over to them.

"You three have been awfully naughty," she said in a deep, sultry voice, "Looks like I'll have to give you boys a spanking," she continued giving them an evil, yet sexy smile.

The one man got up and pulled out a razor blade as if he were ready to fight. He then ran up to the Black Widow and tried to stab her, but she grabbed his wrist and held it up forcing him to let go of the razor blade. She then kicked him down onto the ground, and crawled on his back speaking into his ear.

"You know, I was ready to fight for my meal, but thank you for offering yourself to me," the Black Widow said as her fangs extended. She then bit into his neck and began sucking him of his blood and a little of his life force energy. The other men looked at her in fear as she feasted on her victim. Her hair covered her face from their view at the moment, but they could tell what she was doing. They then let go of the woman and ran away, feeling that no woman was worth having to face her, who was by far the scariest woman in the city, and she wasn't even human.

After she was done, she licked her lips and got off her victim. She looked over to the woman she saved, who was backing away from her in fear. The Black Widow walked over to where she was, picked up the clothes that were removed from her, and handed them to her.

"Are you alright?" the Black Widow asked, actually with a warm smile. The woman nodded as she took her bra and top and looked away in fear. The Black Widow chucked to herself at that, "You don't have to be afraid. I never feed on women," she said as she got up and walked away.

"Um, thank you," the woman said slowly. The Black Widow turned to her and smiled. She then sprouted her wings and flew off into the night.

This is my city, and I'll protect it...

Please tell me what you think, because I'm really nervous about this story, since it's the first rated M story I ever made.

The rest of the story will be done a little differently. This format was exclusive to the prologue.